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How to Setup HP Printer with WPS Pin?

If you do not know how to find WPS pin on HP printer? Follow these simple steps and connect your devices to HP printer through the...

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Hp Printer

by Luis on 24 Nov, 2020

How to Install Ricoh Printer Drivers Without CD?

Hello, folks I have recently brought a Ricoh printer from my grandparents home since they were not using it anyway. The printer is...

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Ricoh Printer

by Nick on 03 Nov, 2020

How do I Add a Samsung Printer to My MAC?

I have been using my Windows computer for quite sometime now, but recently I switched to Mac on advise of my friend. I have a Sams...

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Samsung Printer

by Nate on 22 Oct, 2020

How to Scan Documents Using Lexmark X75 Printer?

I have a Lexmark x75 printer which I have brought recently. It is an all-in-one printer with the option of scanning, printing and ...

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Lexmark Printer

by Nick on 10 Oct, 2020

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