Top 10 HP Printing Problems and How to Fix Them?

Fix HP Printing Problems:

HP printer is indeed a very useful hardware device, but it may also suffer from several technical glitches thereby causing printing snag. Ideally, there are different possible reasons that can undermine the performance of the HP printer.

The below-mentioned classification is an attempt to provide an in-depth probe regarding probable reasons along with the most sought-after solutions or fixes for any kind of HP printing problems.

1 – Jammed Paper Sheet

Paper getting jammed is probably one of the most observed issues that can primarily be attributable to the following reasons.

  • Wrong Paper Type
  • Rollers are completely worn down

So, to deal with the paper jamming problem, you must periodically clean the roller. You can find a roller replacement for the erring and worn-down roller. Also, you must exercise a necessary precaution that while the page is being printed, you must pull in the right direction. 

2 – Some Pages being Printed in Faded Texture

In a normal scenario, a faded print is basically the consequence of either of the below-mentioned causes.

  • Printer printing in low-tone
  • Printer remaining on in ECO mode
  • Print density being low

A low tone printing can be fixed by ejecting out the cartridge and fixing in the socket again after shaking the cartridge so that the ink can be evenly distributed and you may also replace the older toner with a new one.

While in the case of printer functioning in ECO mode or with low density, the printer settings can be managed or changed accordingly to turn the printer functioning in normal mode or with higher density.

3 – Toner Smearing or is Not Able to Remain on the Sheet

If the text or photos being printed start coming off on the simple sweep of the hand, it may be the result of the following two reasons.

  • A defunct fuser assembly
  • The toner cartridge may be throwing out excessive toner.

The defunct fuser assembly simply needs replacement and is strongly recommended that fuser assembly must not be repaired. As far as fixing toner cartridge is concerned, it must also be replaced.  

4 – 50.4 Printing Error Being Displayed

Ideally, if the printer is flashing 50.4 printing error messages, it may be large because of your printer getting connected via UPS. The remedy for this kind of HP printing problem is to disconnect the printer from the UPS and plug it in straight into the AC power outlet.

Please also note that laser printers require a large amount of power to keep the fuser assembly warm that can seriously harm your UPS if remains continuously connected with the UPS.

5 – Printer Driver not Traceable

You must ensure that appropriate printer drivers are installed otherwise due to lack of updated drivers, printer may start malfunctioning.

6 – Your HP Printer might not be Printing from the Specific Paper Tray

Your HP printer might not be drawing out paper from the appropriate tray. If this is the problem, it can be set right from the Printer Properties by tagging the correct paper tray source using the Printer Application. Alternatively, this can be also be fixed by pairing the exact paper type or size as is reflected through the Control Panel.

7 – Printer may be Taking in the Sheets from Manual Page Insertion Tray

In this scenario, the pad that separates the papers may have completely worn out. To fix this, get a new replacement for the separating pad without having any need to send the full printer on the repair.

8 – A 79 Error Message being Displayed

A 79 printer problem is attributable to the Network-related printing server error. To fix this up follow the simple steps given below.

Step 1 - Go to the Start menu on the print server.

Step 2 - Now open the printer folder to check whether are there any printing jobs pending.

There is one more cause of this very printing problem. MIO or RAM cards may have become faulty. Hence, all the add-ons may be removed one by one to ascertain the faulty module that can be eventually repaired.

9 – Printing Envelopes Causing Problems

Printing envelopes can also be a big bane for HP Printing Problems. Since the envelopes come in different sizes and weights, you should ensure that only 20-lb envelopes are being printed using an HP printer.

Also, see that the glue on the envelope is able to face the heat given out by the printer’s fuser assembly, else the envelopes will eject through the roller path in sealed form. In addition, if the envelope gets wrinkled while coming out of the printer, it may cause harm to the path giving out the printed paper sheets. 

10 – Ghosting Issue

In this special kind of printer malfunctioning, the original photo or image will get printed exactly OK, but a copy of such image will get printed as well. This is generally caused due to the excessive wear and tear of printer components.

So, to do away with Ghosting, you must get a replacement for worn out components.

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