How to Scan Images Onto a Computer From a Canon Printer?

Is there anyone who knows about how to scan images onto a computer from a Canon printer. I am facing some issues while while printing. Help me.

Scan Images Onto a Computer From a Canon Printer:

Scanning images onto your computer allows you to save an electronic copy for archival purposes or send them to others via email immediately, making this a helpful practice for small business owners. 

Many Canon printers are all-in-one printers with built-in scanners that may be utilized to perform various scanning tasks. You can use the native Windows "Fax and Scan" tool to scan a document if you have a Canon all-in-one printer installed on your computer.

It's simple to scan images with a Canon printer and save them to a computer. However, not all printers have scanner capabilities, and the method only works with a printer with a scanner built-in, such as the scan on Canon Pixma capabilities. 

On Canon printers, copying and saving the images to the computer after scanning takes only a few simple steps.

Let’s see how to Scan Images Onto a Computer From a Canon Printer.

Auto Scan Function:

The IJ scan tool is used by the auto scan to swiftly scan and save to your computer. The feature works with documents, pictures, and other materials that fit inside the scanner's dimensions. The procedure is likewise quite simple, and it works with all scanners on Canon printers that run on Windows.

To access the glass face scanner, turn on the printer and open the top. Next, place the photo (or numerous photographs) with the photo side down on the glass. To get a complete scan, make sure they fit within the glass frame. For the scan, close the top but leave the printer turned on.

Then, open your PC and select IJ Scan Utility from the drop-down menu. When you installed the computer hardware, you should have saved this as a shortcut on the home screen. If not, look in the Canon utility folder for the IJ Scan Utility. To start the scan, look for the Auto option and click it. The auto scan is connected to a folder on your hard drive, and the scanned image will be saved there.

The scan is saved to the computer at this point, and you may easily view the photo scan. Consider relocating the scan to a folder that is relevant to the subject matter and is correctly labeled. Then, if desired, you can open the scan and make modifications in programs like Adobe Photoshop.

Scanning from the Machine:

It's also simple to scan directly from the printer, but saving that scan to the computer involves a few extra steps. To scan, turn on the printer and open the lid to gain access to the glass. Close the lid after placing the photo or images on the glass with the photo side facing down. To begin the scan, use the Scan - > PC1> or Scan - > PC2> buttons.

The scan will be created, but it will not be sent to a specified destination. Instead, you must first register the button to automatically process the scanned photos to a folder on your computer to transfer the scan to a computer.

Register a Button:

Press the Menu option on the printer to register the button. Next, select Scan Settings, then Shortcut Key Settings, and finally Register. This sequence will take you to the appropriate screen to register the button for a quick scan to a computer shortcut.

Scan - >PC1> or Scan - >PC2> are the two shortcut buttons available for the shortcut option. For a well-rounded set of shortcuts, setting up one button to scan black and white and the other to scan color is a smart idea.

Select the key you want to use as a shortcut and the type of connection you want to use to deliver the scan. You can send it to a computer using a USB or a direct network connection, which is the best option. Then, to bridge the connection, select a computer on the network. This is a simple decision on a single computer network.

Finally, select the type of scan for the button. For example, if only black and white photos are used, choose a color or black and white. After making this choice, the button will be registered and will automatically scan and send the information to the computer.

How to Scan Images Onto a Computer From a Canon Printer?