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I have an Epson SureColor P5000 Designer Edition printer that isused primarily for photo printing. Printing from Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop Elements always results in a half-inch margin at the end of the printed page when using cut sheets. Epson tech support was unable to fix the problem until I switched to using Epson Print Layout software. Now I am getting the 1/2 inch margin again even while using Epson Print Layout. I set up the Windows print set up meticulously and also select "cut sheets" on the printer's menu before printing, but without eliminating the arbitrary margin. Is there a roll paper 1/2 default margin for cutting that I have to find and change? I've changed the selections from roll paper to manual feed or cut sheets wherever I see the choice. This morning I added 1/2 inch to the actual paper size when setting up the print job in order to fool the printer and that seemed to work, but the photo image is just larger than the original. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Print quality is outstanding but not so good on print dimensions. Thanks, Ray

  •   Mick
  •   1  Ans
  •   Mar 4, 2024
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  •   Steffan
  •   March 4, 2024