How Do I change My Settings?

Changing the settings are fairly easy and hardly take any time. First, you need to login to your account on our website and then click on the name at the top right corner. Once you click on it, you will see all the options and preferences you want to change. Make sure to update your profile after the change in settings.

How do I prevent my username to be listed in the online user listing?

The settings for hiding your online status is under review and currently, we do not have that option. To our best of knowledge, it is a forum for listing your printer problems and getting a solution in return. Nobody is going to privately send you a message looking at your online status. So do not worry and If the reviews regarding the same with the majority wanting that option, we will include it in near future.

The times are not correct?

Our forum works on the GMT and the queries posted there are in the same format. So the time you are seeing on the question or answer may not be accurate as per your standard time settings.

I changed the timezone and still shows wrong!

The timezone set for the website is based on the GMT and although to the users it might seem incorrect but it is according to the standards of GMT. There is no issue or problems and it makes the website feasible to everyone.

My language is not in the list?

The printer forum has been created keeping the majority in mind. So English being the preferred language. We will try to include other languages in future depending on the demand and need of visitors.

What are the images next to my username?

It is called profile picture. You have an option to change it according to your preferences. You can keep your photo as a profile photo or any other image unless it is not violating our user terms and condition.

What Is my rank and How do I change it?

Your rank reflects your participation on the website. If you are using it to answer queries or ask questions. Depending on the quality of your question and answer you will be given a rank. It is just for the motivational and encouraging people.

When I click on the email link of the user it asks me to login.

Yes! In order to use the services provided by the website like answering a question or asking one, you need to signup and login before proceeding. Same holds true for email links to other users.


How do I create a new topic and post a reply?

Posting a new topic on our forum and even posting a reply to a query is very simple and require minimal of efforts. All you need to do is sign up on the website or log in to your account if you have already signed up and then reply or ask queries as many as you want.

How DO I edit or delete the post?

Currently, the option to edit is available at the time of posting but once you have posted an answer, it gets reviewed by our team of printer experts before making it online and they hold all the power whether to post your query or delete. The final decision remains with the forum.

How Do I add a Signature to my post?

Your login profile in itself is a signature, as the name of the answerer and questionnaire appears on the website. If you want to add a different signature then you can simply put it at the end of your answer.

Why can’t I access a forum?

In order to access a forum, you need to make an account on the website. You can read the given answers but cannot make any changes or edit anything. The other reason you might not be able to access the forum is that you might have been banned for unethical behavior.

Why Can’t I add an attachment?

The option to add attachments have been currently disabled for the users citing the terms and condition. You can send the attachments for review and if it's suitable and meaningful in relation to your query or answer, it will be added.

Why Did I receive a warning?

The reason for you to receive a warning from our side could be because of the violation of user policy and terms and condition. You need to strictly stick to the topic and answer or ask questions accordingly.

What is the “Save” button for in topic posting?

The queries or problems posted by you is not directly put on the website unless it's reviewed by our team. So in order to save or send your query to the moderator, “Save” button is there.

Why does my post need to be approved?

In order to keep the website’s quality on par and to make sure that terms and condition, as well as user policy, is protected at all the times.

How Do I bump my topic?

In order to make your topic bump up, make sure to ask a genuine question along with the latest tag of the topic. The more detailed and genuine the question or answer is, the more it has chances to feature among the top of the list.


How can I Search a forum for forums?

You can search any forum or topic on our website by typing in the keywords of your search in the “Search box”. If there are relevant topics and queries on our website regarding your search preference a list of those queries will be presented to you.

Why does my search return no results?

The reason for your query to return zero or no result because either the topic is not relevant or the keywords used by you is incorrect. So make sure to use precise and accurate keywords while searching for queries.

Why does my search return a blank page?

The reason for your search to return a blank page could be either because the topic you are looking for hasn’t been asked before, or the keyword used for the search is misspelled. In case you do not get any search return, you can always be the first one to ask the question regarding the topic of your search. Just make sure your search is relevant to the website and refrain from using profanity.

How can I find my own posts and topic?

It's quite simple, you log in to the website and in the search bar, either type in the first sentence of your post or a keyword regarding the topic.If you could remember the lines you wrote well and good as it will specifically show you your post but in case you do not remember the post simply type in the topic or the keyword and a list of answers matching that keyword will be displayed.


What is the difference between Bookmarking and subscribing?

Bookmarking refers to saving the website in the memory of your browser in case you forget the name. On the other hand, a subscription is a totally different aspect in which you subscribe to a website and the website lets you use it services and even notifies you if something related to you come up.

How Do I bookmark or subscribe to a topic?

In order to bookmark a topic, you simply need to visit the website and then to the topic of your choice and then press the “Star” mark at the far right end corner of your search bar and simple save that page. When you subscribe to a topic all the queries and activity related to the topic will be delivered to your mailbox.

How do I remove the subscription?

You can simply do it using the email you have reviewed regarding the topic. At the end of the subscribed mail, you will notice an option for unsubscription. Click on that follow the onscreen procedure to unsubscribe yourself from a particular topic.