How to Connect Lexmark Printer to WiFi Without CD?

Hi, i am trying to connect my Lexmark printer to wifi without cd. is there any idea that how can i connect printer to wifi. Please help me.

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  • lay  Jan 24, 2021
Answer - 1

You can Connect Your Lexmark Printer to WiFi Without CD by Following Given Steps Below:

Before proceeding with the steps mentioned below, it is important for you to know the exact model of your Lexmark printer and whether your operating system is 32-bit or 64- bit.

Step 1 : First You need to place the computer and printer next to each other and make sure that all the wires that are connected to both the printer and the computer are correct.

Step 2 : Then you need to turn ON the computer and wait for it to boot up.

Step 3 : Then you need to Plug the printer into the wall and then take the USB cord that is attached to the printer and plug it into the appropriate port on the computer.

Step 4 : Then you need to turn ON the printer and click on "Start menu" and go to the "Control panel".

Step 5 : Then you need to click on "Devices and Printer " box and click on "Add printer".

Step 6 : Then you see "Welcome to the add printer wizard" then you need to hit "Next".

Step 7 : Then you need to Click "Automatically detect and install Plug and play printer" on the add printer wizard page then you need to hit "Next".

Step 8 : Then printer installation will begin if the network detects the printer automatically. If not then you will be prompted to install the printer manually then you need to hit "Next".

Step 9 : Then you need to select the printer port for the best set up option and Click "Next".

Step 10 : Then Pick manufacturer and printer click "Next".

Step 11 : Then you need to type a confirm name if it appears in the box and set printer as default printer and Click "Next".

Then you need to Print a test page to check the printer is set up correctly and online then Click "Next".

If you receive a successful completion of the installation of Lexmark printer message then Click "Finish".

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Answer - 2

Steps to Connect Lexmark Printer To Wifi Without CD :

Lexmark printer usually comes with a CD along with them which supports them in their installation process. However, there are certain times when you lose the CD and don't know what to do next. Do not worry this answer will provide you step by step manual to connect Lexmark printer to wifi without CD.

Step 1 : Make sure you have a working wireless connection.

Step 2 : Connect Lexmark printer to the computer and let your operating system search the compatible software for you. If you are using windows, it will automatically detect and install the software for you in case you have a familiar Lexmark printer model.

Step 3 : If it doesn't do so, you can go to the official website of Lexmark and download the Lexmark printer software from there.

Step 4 : Click on Customer support < driver and downloads (under the driver and utilities tab).

Step 5 : You can also directly type the Lexmark printer model number in the search bar.

Step 6 : Once you have found your printer model, you have to put in the credentials which include the name of the product, name of the operating system, version of windows and your language.

Step 7 : A license agreement to download the software will display on your screen. Click on the option “ I agree ” followed by download.

Step 8 : When the software is downloaded, locate it continue the installation process.

Step 9 : Click on extract to open the zip file in a separate folder.

Step 10 : Click on setup to begin the installation process.

Step 11 : You will now be prompted to follow the on screen manual setup instructions to install the software on your device.

Step 12 : During the installation process, you will be asked your wireless connection type. Provide the mandatory credentials and click on next< finish to complete the installation process.

Step 13 : Your printer software should now be installed. Give a command from your printer whether it is working properly or not.

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