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Printer technical support provides a platform to tech bloggers and writers to share their technical knowledge and expertise with the public at large. Additionally, guest post writers get the advantage to share their articles and blogs across different social media platforms. Through your well-researched and informative technical content, we aim to quench the thirst for technology news of different readers. Presently, we are accepting guest posts from writers across the globe. Here on the printer technical support forum, we welcome printer-related technical content. 

Why Write For Us?

The writers will get numerous benefits by writing for our printer technical support guest post page. 

  • Communication with tech and non-tech enthusiasts.

  • Opportunity to share technical stories and information with readers who value and appreciate it. 

  • Increased customer base. 

  • Partnering with us will help you increase your knowledge base as one needs to do thorough research before writing. 

  • Opportunity to feed the inquisitiveness of technology news readers through high-quality technical writing. 

What are the Do's and Don'ts for the guest post?


  • The word limit of your article or blog should not exceed 1000 words. 

  • The content needs to be genuine and well-researched. 

  • Please ensure that there is no duplicate content. 

  • Try to make your content simple and easy to understand. 

  • Use apps like Grammarly to ensure accuracy. 

  • The rights to make edits in the guest post will remain with us. 

  • You should use H1, H2, H3 and H4 for headings. 

  • Adhere to all the guidelines related to sentence length, keyword density, and content quality. 


  • Please make sure that the article you submit is not already published on other websites. 

  • You should not include any promotional link to publicize your product or brand. 

  • There shouldn't be any antisocial and unethical elements in your content. 

  • You should not use any bad-quality images in your content. 

  • Don't use heavy volumes of jargon in your content. 

  • There shouldn't be any typos or grammatical mistakes in your content. 

  • The content you write for us must not be Plagiarised or AI Generated. 

  • Casino, CBD, Crypto post not accepted.


Technology Guest Posting Guidelines

1) Allow modification 

We reserve the rights to make edits in the content you write for us. We do so to make your content more accurate and precise. We may also add or remove the images to make sure that the style and size are as per our needs. 

2) Proper SEO format 

You must follow all the instructions in the instruction set provided by us regarding how to write the content. You must carefully adhere to the guidelines concerning sentence length, content structure, keyword density, quality and heading tags, etc. 

3) No grammar mistakes 

Please ensure that there are no grammar mistakes or typing errors in the content you write for us. To ensure accuracy, check your content on tools like Grammarly. Also, the content you write must be within the word limit stated in the instruction set we provide you with.  

4) Submit an infographic

You can send 1 infographic along with the article you submit. The size of your infographic should not be more than 100 KB. 

5) Time taken to publish

Before we publish your article, we will go through the entire content body and make changes if necessary. So, we will take around 2-4 days to publish your content. 

6) Tone 

The tone you use in your article can range between professional and casual. Whatever tone you choose, you must remain consistent with it. As you are writing technical blogs for our website, your tone must be professional. 

7) Format

You should follow the same format as Google Docs or Microsoft Word documents. 

8) Gust Post Structure 

Your guest post should include an eye-catching title. Also, you must include subheadings, images and pointers in your articles.

Types of Blogs We Welcome the Most!


  • Computer
  • Printer Devices
  • Gadgets
  • Laser Printer
  • Inkjet Printers
  • 3D Printer
  • Thermal Printer
  • Electronic Printer
  • Printer Solutions
  • Electronic Printer
  • Tech Mistakes and Troubleshooting

Check Our Advertising Price & Plan Plan for Guest Posting

SR. No Do-follow & No-follow links Price
1 1 Dofollow Link $80
2 1 Dofollow & 1 Nofollow Link $100
3 2 Dofollow Links $150
4 2 Dofollow & 1 Nofollow Link $160

Payment Guidelines: It is necessary to complete payment within three days of publishing an article. (If payment is not received within three days, the article will be disapproved immediately.)

Payment method: PayPal, Bank Transfer

Note: We will change the do-follow link into the no-follow link after 1 year. Your post will not be removed from our website Printer Technical Support (www.printerstechnicalsupport.com). But if you want to continue your do-follow site link on Printer Technical Support (www.printerstechnicalsupport.com) then you will pay for the continuation as a renewal for the next 1 year at the same price.

How to Submit a Guest Post? Write for us + Technology

Do you want to write a guest post for us? Email your blogs or articles to our registered email address. You can reach us at https://www.printerstechnicalsupport.com/write-for-us

Follow all the guidelines mentioned above while writing the blogs.

You can expect a response from our Printer Write for us team within 2 to 3 working days.If we are busy with our pending workload, there might be a delay in replying to your mail. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as our workload is cleared. So, no need to worry.

If you want an instant reply from our team,mention “Sponsored Post” in your subject line and we shall get in touch with you immediately.

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We are accepting “Printer and Scanner Write For Us or write about printer” pitches and focusing highly upon that type of printer and scanner related content.

FAQs of  Write For Us Technology

Q1. What are the guidelines for write for us technology content?

Ans The guidelines for write for us technology content includes no plagiarism, no grammar mistakes, professional tone, submission of an infographic, and proper adherence of SEO format. 

Q2. What are the content guidelines? 

Ans Content guidelines are simple. The guest post you write must be easy to understand, free of plagiarism and inaccuracies, professional in tone. The writer must also follow all the directions related to keyword density, headings, and sentence length. 

Q 3. Why should you write for us? 

Ans When you write for us, you gain a lot of benefits such as better communication skills, brand awareness, popularity, etc.