Privacy Policy

The Privacy policy page states and addresses the various privacy concerns and user data information on the website. Our organization has developed this page to explain how the user information is collected and used on the website. This page will shed lights on different aspects of data sharing and information gathering from users of the website. Read the document carefully to understand it completely. The major highlights of the privacy policy and questions associated with it are as follows.

  • What information do we collect?
  • How is your information used?
  • What about cookies?
  • What about “Do Not Track”?
  • How do we protect your information?
  • How can you opt out of email communications from us?
  • What about changes to this privacy policy?
  • How can you ask questions or raise concerns?

What information do we collect?

Whenever a user access or visit our website, we collect both personally identifiable information as well as non-personally identifiable about the visit.

Personally identifiable information

Personally identifiable information are those which a user submits or gives information about himself on this website. For example, when you agree to make an account on this website you need to give your username, email address, contact number etc. This information is mandatory but only if you agree to terms and condition and wants to make an account through subscription. Mind you this information is safe and secure cannot be used by any third party.

Non-Personally identifiable information

The non-personally identifiable collected by us includes your IP address, the browser you are using to access our website, the website through which you came to visit our website, the operating system your computer is running on and the name of your service provider whether its a company, brand, university or any other third party service provider. All these information are tracked through the log files stored on FPF’s servers.

How is your information used?

Personally identifiable information

The personal information provided by you in the form of the email address is used to notify you about the forum and topics of your concern. The websites send you information on a question asked by you or an answer given by you. The comments and reply to your comment are also sent via email information given by you. This sensitive and personally identifiable information are in no condition shared, sold or rented to any company or individuals as per the law without the user's consent.

Mailing list

The information transferred through mailing list includes news and happenings regarding the topic of the users choice. A user can always opt out of receiving emails from us. The information shared through the mailing lists are streamlined to the users choice and only those subscribed on the website can make use of this service.

Non-personally identifiable information

The non-personally identifiable information like the IP address, browser, and operating system information are collected for understanding the website visitors and inside the laws. We do not tend to share any part of this information to any third party or outside source.

What about cookies?

Cookies are a small packet of data or information sent by the server to the user’s web browser to understand and enhance the experience of the user on our website. The cookie functionality allows us to understand a user and it tells which pages have been visited by the user. These cookies do not breach a user’s privacy in any way and only collect constructive information like the pages visited on the website and topics of the user's concern.
The best part is you can opt out of letting cookies track your visit information from google analytics, but your experience will be slowed down as we wouldn't know what exactly is your need.

What about “Do not track”

In today’s modern world, most of the web browsers provide an option for “Do not track” but mind you this option only stops a website from tracking your website visit trails and not data collection from the websites you visit directly and feed in your personal information while subscribing.

How do we protect your information?

The personal information collected by us is encrypted for safety over the internet. Our company takes appropriate and secure measures to protect your personal information from getting into wrong hands, misuse, theft or alteration. The stored information has a very strict and limited access to those with authority to the protection of the information.

How long do you keep the information?

We try to collect the bare minimum personal information from a user like his name, email address and in certain cases, their phone number. This information is encrypted and used only when necessary. This information is retained until the time it is required and can be deleted as per the user’s request.

What about changes in the privacy policy?

If any such changes occur in our privacy policy, users will be informed at the earliest. The change in policy will be updated along with the date on this same page and the same will be mentioned on the main home page of this website. The user data and information will never be breached or used without their personal consent.

How can a user raise a concern or ask questions?

A user can directly reach out to us via regarding their concerns about data, information and privacy policy. We make sure to keep our users updated on every front regarding the privacy policy or data and information sharing on our website.

Correction/Updating of personal information

If a user’s email or any personal information changes or are subjected to change in future they can update it directly through their personal account. Simply log in to your account on our website, click on your name at the top and edit the personal information and settings from there. For change in the email address, you will be sent a confirmation email to the new account, use the link provided to activate that account as your primary email address.