Where is The WPS Pin on My HP Printer?

Hello, I am facing problem with HP printer, Actually HP printer asking for WPS pin and i don't have any idea about WPS pin in HP Printer. Please give me any suggestion.

WPS Pin on HP Printer


HP printers are one of the finest printers in the world. Its continuously advancing technology has already marked its value in market. Change in printing style has also marked an impression on types of printers and their usage. Printers for various types of use like Home, office, bulk needs or occasional gives us a variety of options provided by HP.

Printing is now solely dependent on modes of operation, its not merely limited to wiring and need of system to be attached with printer always. It could be wireless connection and connecting printer through WIFI.

WPS in HP Printer:

We will understand here how to find WPS Pin on HP. Let us first understand what is WPS and where do we use it in printing while using HP Printer.

WPS means WIFI protected setup. It can be used in two ways It can be connected in two modes either by WPS Push button or WPS pin mode.

WPS Push button is method is used when router and printer both have push button.

Go to wireless setting on control panel in printer and press push button, you will find signals as connected and displayed on set up.

Now you can operate print command when connected.

WPS Pin Mode:

If your client device has WIFI protected set up pin is used to connect and sync both the devices.

In Wi-Fi protected setup, just enter eight-digit password or “PIN” that you want to set up for your network.

The printer will provide a PIN code that comes as a test print displaying the pin which will be entered into the router.

Where to Find WPS Pin in HP Printer:

  • Be adjacent to your printer for viewing its display.
  • Click Control panel and select add printer.
  • Select printer attached to your device and select it.
  • It might ask you for WPS pin and you need to enter the WPS pin for further stepup.
  • Enter the PIN code on panel of your printer, PIN is displayed on printer but not for a longer duration.

PIN number of eight digit is displayed on a test print or control panel menu but make sure you have just 90 seconds to enter this WPS pin and make it connected.

Wait for the computer to setup the connection and you are ready to perform your day to day printing tasks.

Where is The WPS Pin on My HP Printer?

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