How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi Complete Steps

Canon is a Japanese company established by four founders: Takeshi Mitarai, Saburo Uchida, Takeo Maeda, and Goro Yoshida. They laid their foundation in 1937 with a strong vision of paving the way to the future. Canon produces a variety of printers that have been doing well in the market. PCmagsPCmags and TechRadars TechRadars are two of the best printers.

Canon categorizes their printers based on their features and capabilities so that a customer can choose the one according to their demands. Canon printers share compatibility with both wired and wireless connections. 

How to connect a Canon printer to wifi?

Is your Canon printer having difficulty connecting to WiFi? This article will provide you with information on how to connect a Canon printer to wifi.

1- Turn on your Canon printer. 

2- Click and hold the "wifi" button until It flashes "ON". Now press the "color" button. The "wifi" button will flash quickly, which is an indication that the wifi setup mode is activated in the printer.

3- Switch on your wifi router, click and hold the "wifi" button on the printer until it flashes "ON". Now press the "black" button and then press the "wifi" button. 

4- The printer will search for wifi connection and action, and once it's done finding the available network, it will stop flashing the "on" and "wifi" buttons. Once the printer is connected to the wifi, it will stop flashing the "wifi" button, and the "ON" button will be lit up.

5- Put the CD-ROM that came with your printer into your computer, or you can also install the latest software from the Canon website. 

6- Now, during the installation process, you have to select the "wireless LAN connection" option and proceed with instructions.

7- Now, your Canon printer is successfully connected to the wifi. You can double-check the connection by printing out a test page.

What are the benefits of connecting a Canon printer to wifi?

The wireless feature of the printer adds a lot of benefits for the users like -

1- Convenience is one of the major benefits the wireless printer comes with. You can be anywhere on any device within the range of connectivity and print out without taking your computer physically close to the printer and then following the printing process. 

2- It is less hectic, as it eliminates the extra usage of wires. 
3- With the help of wireless printers, you can accelerate your work and increase productivity with better focus. Wireless printers can be a great addition to the corporate world.

Why My Canon Printer Cannot Connect To Wi-Fi?

A lot of times while forming a connection between a Canon printer and wifi we face issues. The reasons behind these issues could be many. If you have proper knowledge about Canon printers then you will be able to fix these. Some of the reasons for these minor inconveniences could be

  • The power cycle
  • The status of your printer
  • Need to Reset the printer
  • Outdated firmware
  • Network congestion 
  • Weak signal strength 

Make sure you keep all the above-mentioned things in mind while establishing the connection. So, in the future, if you face any obstruction you can easily resolve it. 

In case you are not able to connect your Canon printer to wifi even after doing everything possible then contact with Canon customer service system. They will surely guide you.


Always remember that when you are connecting devices to your Wi-Fi the connectivity depends highly upon the system you are operating and the version of software you are using. Read the instructions provided with the printer for accurate information and a smooth installation process.

FAQs of Connect a Canon Printer to Wifi

1- How to connect a Canon printer to a phone??

Ans You need first check whether your Canon printer shares compatibility with your phone or not. Then you can connect the printer to a phone with the help of an app called “The Canon print service plugin app”. 

2-How to connect a Canon printer to wifi g3010?

Ans To connect a Canon printer to wifi g3010, you need to follow all the basic steps mentioned above. However, every Canon printer is not the same so, make sure you read all the instructions properly and follow the steps accordingly.

3-How to connect a Canon printer to wifi e470?

Ans While enabling the wifi, you need to select the option for XXXXXX-E470 series from the available networks and then enter the password. Other than this, you can also use the Canon INKJET print app. 

4.  How to connect a Canon printer to wifi mg3600?

Ans You need to follow all the above-mentioned steps carefully and you will be able to connect your printer to wifi. Further, if you face any issues you can refer to their setup guide.

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