How to Print from Android Phone?

With the cult of sharing files on multiple digital platforms gaining traction, people today want to print from Android Phone directly to avoid sharing files frequently. In this context, here comes a detailed guide with certain valuable inputs that can allow you to print from Android Phone anytime.

Printing from Android Phone Using Google Cloud Print

Step 1 - Begin by launching “Google Chrome” from “Google Play Store” followed by downloading the “Cloud Print” software on your Android mobile.

Step 2 - Now open the “Cloud Print” software and navigate to the upper-left corner followed by clicking on the three-lined menu icon.

Step 3 - Continue by selecting the “Settings” tab after which you must click on the “Advanced” option.

Step 4 - Moving on, you have to expand the options and continue clicking on the “Printing” option.

Step 5 - When you are navigating the “Printing” option you shall now select the “Google Cloud Print” and must further choose the option that reads “Manage Cloud Print”.

Step 6 - Now press the “Register” button that is next to the “Printer” succeeded by the action of clicking on the “Confirm” button.

Step 7 - When you are on the page of “Google Cloud Print” just select the option of “Manage Cloud Print Devices”.

Step 8 - Now under the “Classic Printers” section simply find and select the “Add Printers” option.

Step 9 - Finally to ascertain that your printer has been added to the Google Cloud Print facility click the “Add Printer” tab and see whether there is a tick visible against your printer’s name.

Printing Any File Accessible on Your Android Phone Using a Wireless Printer

Step 1 - The first step is simply to open the file, image, or document that you wish to print. Please remember that you can open the file using File Manager or Google Drive depending on where your file is saved.

Step 2 - Continue by tapping on the “Menu” button shown in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Step 3 - After expanding the “Menu” option by clicking on the three vertical dots tap the “Print” option.

Step 4 - Thereafter, click the arrow to locate your printer’s name followed by choosing one from the entire list.

Step 5 - Finally, tap on the “Print” button again to secure the desired print from Android Phone.

You can also Attempt to Print Using a USB OTG Cable

Step 1 - Another way to print from Android Phone is to use a USB OTG cable which begins by connecting one end of it to your printer followed by inserting the other end of the same into your Android Phone.

Step 2 - Now access the file that you want to print using File Manage or Google Drive.

Step 3 - Continue to tap on the “Printer” and then go to the “Printer Options”.

Step 4 - Now you may customize printing by setting different parameters under the “Printing Preferences” section.

Step 5 - Finally, select the color of the print from the “Options” segment followed by hitting the “Print” button that will seamlessly allow you to print from Android Phone.


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