How to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

I have recently bought a new Canon printer for my office needs. But now i am printing with this printer they are printing blank page. I have no idea about that why is it happening. Please help me in this problem.

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  • February 14, 2024
Answer - 1

Canon printers come with greater versatility and tend to be high-performing printing machines but owing to their mechanical nature they may trigger the “Canon printer printing blank pages” issue after consistent usage. This quick guide reveals a few very simple ways in which you can certainly counter this “My Canon printer is not printing” issue comfortably.  

A Couple of Factors to be Considered Before Trying the Fixes 

If your Canon printer has a scanner, try to obtain a photocopy of any given document. And, if the photocopy is successfully done by your Canon printer then it will be sufficient to assume that there is nothing wrong with your Canon printing machine.

You can also connect your Canon printer with any other device and attempt to extract a printout. If the printout is finely given out by your Canon printer even then you don’t have to perform any subsequent troubleshooting tricks on your Canon printer.

The four definitive fixes that can probably take care of the “Why is my Canon printer not printing” issue

So, if you are pretty sure that the “Why is my Canon printer not printing” issue is primarily attributable to the inadequate functioning of your Canon printer, you can try these simple fixes that can easily help you address the “Canon printer not printing” issue.

1 - Installing the Approved Official Canon Printer Drivers  

Step 1 - First go to the official website of Canon printers.

Step 2 - Search for the required driver by entering the model of your specific Canon printer.

Step 3 - Select your specific Canon printer model from the list.

Step 4 - On the next page you must select the OS version.

Step 5 - Cause the driver to get downloaded on your PC.

Step 6 - Run the launcher and continue following the on-screen instructions to get the latest version of the Canon driver installed.

2 - Tweaking Paper-Related Settings Can Also Work

Step 1 - Click-open the “View Devices and Printers” in the “Control Panel” section.

Step 2 - Continue selecting your Canon printer and give a right click on it.

Step 3 - Open the “Printing Preferences” and set the correct paper type and paper size.

Step 4 - Finally, press the “Apply” button and click OK.      

3 - Reviewing a Few Aspects of the Cartridge   

Another reason for the “My Canon is not printing” issue is the existence of a few cartridge-related problems which can be checked in the following way.

Step 1 - First ensure that cartridges happen to be genuine and are compatible with Canon printer.  

Step 2 - Carefully check that the protective seal is removed away from the cartridge. 

Step 3 - Make sure that sufficient ink levels are intact inside the cartridge.

4 - Cleaning the Printhead is also What you Can Resort to   

Paper dust, dirt, or ink residues may congest the ink nozzles which may happen with regular usage of your Canon printer. So, if you are venturing out to fix the “Canon printer printing blank pages” issue, just clean the Printhead as discussed in the following manner.

Step 1 - Simply open the “Printing Preferences” section from the “Control Panel”.

Step 2 - Select the Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, and Ink Flush options under the “Maintenance” tab.

Step 3 - Follow the on-screen instructions and get the “My Canon is not printing” issue resolved.

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  •   November 9, 2023
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Fix Canon Printer not Printing Anything on Paper 2023:

One of the most common printer errors that users encounter is printer printing blank pages. In case you are encountering problems with your Canon printer, then in this article, you will learn how to resolve this issue. 

Why is my Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Your Canon printer may print blank pages if the cartridges are empty or you may face this problem if the ink is low. This problem may also appear if your printhead is totally clogged with ink. Issues with the hardware or an outdated printer driver can also lead to these issues.

Some of the possible reasons for Canon printers printing blank pages are listed below. 

  • Outdated printer driver
  • Cartridge failure
  • Software and hardware-related problems
  • The device you are using to print is causing issues 
  • Clogged printheads

How can I Resolve the Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages Problem?

1) Restart Your Canon Printer

If your Canon printer is printing blank pages, then one of the methods that you can apply to resolve your problem is to restart your printer device. A restart can help you fix temporary problems.

  • To restart your printer, you need to press the power button. 
  • After that, disconnect your printer device from the power source. 
  • Wait for a while and then reconnect your printer. After that, turn it on. 
  • Now, try to print again and if your printer is still printing blank pages, then you must move ahead with the next solution. 

2) Unclog Your Printhead

A lot of time your printer gets clogged with ink. Your printer may print blank pages because of this reason. Therefore, you must clean the print head of your Canon printer.

This will help you remove the traces of old ink. Now, open your printer. 

  • After that, you need to pull it out and then take a soft lint-free cloth to clean the head of your printer. 
  • You can also try the automatic cleaning method to clean the printhead and its clogged pores. 
  • Now, you need to handle your printhead very carefully. Once you clean it properly, then power on your printer. In case the problem is still occurring, then you must check your ink cartridges

3) Check Your Ink Cartridges 

Please ensure that there is sufficient ink in your ink cartridges. In case you find that your cartridges are running out of ink, then you must print blank pages only. 

  • Power off your printer and then take out your ink cartridges. Now, refill your ink cartridges. If you find that your cartridge or damaged in any way, then you must get it replaced as soon as possible. 
  • Reseat your cartridge and place it properly. When you will insert your cartridge, you are going to hear a click sound.
  • Please carefully check the instructions provided and then install your ink cartridges properly. 

4) Run the Canon Printer Troubleshooter

You can run the troubleshooter when your Canon printer isn't functioning in a proper manner.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to fix the problem of Canon printer printing blank pages. 

  • Open the Windows search box and then type Troubleshoot. 
  • After that, choose the option of Troubleshoot Settings. 
  • Then, you need to select the option Additional Troubleshooters.
  • Go down to the option of "Printer and run the troubleshooter. Carry out the instructions appearing on your screen to complete the procedure. 

5) Update and Reinstall Your Canon Printer Driver

In case you are using an outdated driver, then this can also be one of the reasons why your printer is malfunctioning and it further leads to the problem of the Canon printer printing blank pages.

In such a case, you must try to update and reinstall your Canon printer drivers. 

Step 1: Go to the Windows Start button and then right-click on it. After that, choose Device manager from the list. 

Step 2: After that, navigate to the section of Print queues. Now, double-click on this option. 

Step 3: Go to your Canon printer and then right-click on it. After that, select the Update driver option. 

Step 4: Now, choose the option of searching automatically for the drivers. Carry out the instructions appearing on the screen to complete the process. 

In case you are still encountering the issue after completing the driver update, then you must reinstall your printer drivers by performing the steps mentioned below. 

  • Expand the section of Print queues and then select the option of "Uninstall device"
  • Carry out the commands appearing on the screen to complete the process.
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  •   January 10, 2023
Answer - 3

Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages :

Blank page printing is a common problem in canon printers. Canon printers have either 2 or 4+ cartridges. This issue generally occurs when there is no ink in the cartridge, or due to the blockage of vacuum in the cartridge.

You can use the following measures to resolve this issue of your printer printing blank pages.

  • On your desktop screen open My computer < Control panel < Devices and printers.

  • Right click on your printer’s name and choose properties.

  • Inside your printer’s properties, check device settings and click on preferences.
  • Under the preferences option, click on services and choose clean printhead.

  • You might need to use this option several times before the printhead is cleaned completely.

Following are Some Other Issues That Cause Your Canon Printer to Print Blank Pages;

Breather Tape - The breather tape should be immediately removed as it halts the ink to prevail blockage out of the vacuum in the cartridge which ceases the ink to come out on paper hence resulting in blank page printing.

Install a New Cartridge Before It Runs Dry- If your printer is giving warning signs of low cartridge, you should immediately replace it with a new cartridge. If you ignore the printer ink level warning sign, it will start introducing air into the print nozzle causing a blockage.

The hindrance of air going into the nozzle of the printer will cease the Canon printer to print blank pages. The process might not be completely put to halt but you may simply get lines through the is due to the blockage of a few nozzles.

Using Low Quality and Third-Party Generic Ink Cartridges- If you are not using the right ink and rather use a third-party low-quality ink, the chances of blockage of the print nozzle increase. There are chances of malfunction if the ink is not similar to canon inks, and multiple risks of malfunction.

This is because the printer ink needs to run at the right rate and also needs to be formulated to not condense or dry too fast.

How to Prevent This Issue of Canon Printer not Printing Anything on Paper :

Following are the guidelines to be kept in mind while dealing with such an issue of Canon printer has ink but prints blank pages;

1. Print Regularly

This helps the ink to flow constantly through the printhead. It will help the printer to stop ink from sitting and making blockage in the nozzle.

2. Use Only High-Quality Generic Cartridges

Usage of high-quality generic cartridges should be utilized. The usage of quality ink can create high-quality printouts and a correct viscosity that will not choke or block the print nozzles.

3. Make Sure that the Printer is Placed in a Cool Position.

It is recommended to place your printer near a cool place because it is feasible that the ink might coagulate or solidify inside the printhead when the printer is not in use. Locate the printer away from windows and shift the printer to a cooler location so it may prevent any obstacle from occurring.

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  •   January 23, 2024