Why My Samsung Printer is Not Printing Clearly?

Fix Samsung Printer is Not Printing Clearly Issue:

If your Samsung printer is not printing clearly then there may be various reasons behind this -

Check Toner Density Setting – If your Samsung printer is printing faint prints then you should check toner density settings. In latest models of printers, you can easily change density settings of ink and toner. To check toner density settings, navigate to “Printers and Devices” section. Move to toner density and if it looks like you are printing at low density then immediately increase it and then try printing from your printer.

Driver Related Issue – If your Samsung printer is printing unreadable text then it might be possible that exists a driver- related issue. So, it is suggested to install the latest driver according to your printer’s model number.

Out of Line Printer Heads - If your printer is printing fuzzy or faint text then it can happen because of dirty print heads. In latest models of Samsung printer, there is the mode that can be run to check and clean dirty print heads. So, if you are using Samsung printer from a longer time period then run the printer’s cleaning function.

Ink Cartridges Issues – If you are using the same ink cartridge from a longer period then you should check ink level and toner levels. In latest models of Samsung printers, you can check the ink level by software or indicator light that is located on the front side.

Paper Issues – If you are using a different paper size other than standard then you can see smudges or crooked text. To resolve paper issues, it is recommended by experts to use “8.5*11” in your Samsung printer. By using a standard printer paper, texture issue will get resolved.

Clean Your Samsung Printer Through This Method -

1. First of all, you have to unplug your Samsung printer from your computer and electrical outlet.

2. After unplugging from the electrical port, take out all papers from the paper tray. Then take a cotton cloth and wipe out all dust from the tray. You can also use clean water to grab all dust particles.

3. Next, open Samsung printer door and clean printer from inside by using a clean cloth. To get rid of loose toner and other dirt that is present inside the printer, you should use laser printer cleaning cloths.

4. In the next step, douse a cotton swab in Acetone and then rub the feed rollers until they are properly clean. Feed rollers are present where the printed pages are fed out of the Samsung printer.

5. Then take a damp cloth and rub the entire exterior of Samsung printer. By doing this, all dirt particles will get removed.

Additional Points -

a. Make sure your printer paper is not located in the area of high humidity otherwise your printer will print poor quality faded print-outs.

b. If your printer is located in the area of low humidity then it can affect the performance of your printer. For optimal output, place your printer at such place that is neither too hot nor too humid.

Hopefully, after reading this article about Samsung printer not printing properly issue, you will able to print as crisp as a new bank note from your Samsung printer.

 Brand: Samsung Printer

 Last Update: February 23, 2024