How to Fix Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer?

I have a Ricoh Printer at home, it works fine but sometimes printer machine often gives few error code when the computer commands the device to print the job. One of those Error SC899. I have tried to reboot it, but the message still appears. Could you please instruct me How to Fix Error Code SC899 or hard(factory) reset the printer.

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Ricoh is a popular Japanese tech company that manufactures printer and scanner machines. Printers manufactured by Ricoh are highly advanced and have many incredible attributes. Like every product, one may also face glitches and errors while using Ricoh printers. Ricoh printer error code Sc899 is a common error code that people face while using this printer. This error usually appears when you use a particular version of Adobe plug-in.

You may also encounter this problem because of the TrueType font. Below, we have mentioned different solutions that you can try to fix error code SC899 on the Ricoh printer. 

Different Ways to Fix Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer

Below, we have stated different ways to fix error code SC899 on the Ricoh printer. 

Solution 1: Disconnect the network cable of the Ricoh printer

There is a chance that there is some system issue with the printer. This problem can easily be resolved by disconnecting the network cable and then reconnecting it. Below are the steps that you must follow to resolve error code SC899.  

Step 1: Power off your printer and remove the power wire. 

Step 2: Go to the service mode and then press the buttons Reset, 1, 0 and 7. 

Step 3: Press the Clear button and then wait for the SP menu to appear. 

Step 4: Now, expand "SP-5XXX". 

Step 5: Expand some pages until you see the message "5801-Memory Clear". 

Step 6: Now, go to the submenu and select "Printer Application". 

Step 7: After that, select "Execute". 

Step 8: Restart your printer. 

Solution 2: Check the drivers

Error code SC899 on the Ricoh printer can also occur because of corrupt or outdated drivers. Therefore, you must check the driver to resolve your issue. Carry out the steps mentioned below to check the driver of your printer. 

Step 1: Press the Windows key and select Control Panel. 

Step 2: Select Hardware and Sound after opening the Control Panel. 

Step 3: Go to Devices and Printers and then right-click on Ricoh printer. 

Step 4: Select Printing Preferences. 

Step 5: If you see the support button, then that means the driver is fully installed. In case the Support button is not there, then go to the Advanced tab and then carry out the steps to download the driver.

Solution 3: Install the latest version of Adobe plug-in 

Carry out the step-by-step instructions stated below to install the latest version of Adobe Acrobat. 

Step 1: Launch the main website of Adobe on Google Chrome. 

Step 2: Go to the Reader section and then click on Help. After that, click on "About Adobe Reader"

Step 3: Then, go to the downloads option. 

Step 4: Select the option of "Download Automatically" after the detection of the reader version.

Step 5: Now, install the Adobe app file.  

How to Fix Error Code SC899 on The Ricoh Printer Windows 11? 

The error code SC899 on the Ricoh printer is a result of a bad print job or network error. You can fix the SC899 error code  in Windows 11 by following methods-

  • Stop the Print jobs

If you come across the error SC899 then stop the printing of other papers that are in the queue. 

  • Put the printer on restart mode.

One of the best ways to resolve any error code is to turn off the printer and remove all the power cables. Wait for a few seconds and then plug in the power cables. This way you can restart the printer and hopefully get rid of the error code SC899.

  • Use updated drivers

You need to make sure that you are not using an outdated driver for your printer. To update the driver first uninstall the one you are currently using and go to the Ricoh printer website to download the latest one.

  • Do a test print 

When you come across the error code SC899 after printing a page. Try to print another page after that to check whether the error occurred for only one page or the problem is generic.

  • Use an updated firmware.

Always keep your firmware updated for your Ricoh printer model. You need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to update the firmware. 

If nothing works from the above-mentioned solutions then contact the customer support system team for assistance. Explain the problem faced by you and they will surely give you a solution.

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FAQs of Fix Error Code SC899 on Ricoh Printer

Q1. What is the code SC899 in Ricoh?

Ans: This error appears when there is some issue with a particular version of Adobe Acrobat plug-in. You may also face this issue if you use a particular version of Internet Explorer.

Q2. How do I reset my Ricoh error code?

Ans: To reset the error code, you need to disconnect the network cable of your Ricoh printer.

Q3. How do I fix error code SC899 on my Ricoh printer?

Ans: To resolve the SC899 error on your Ricoh printer you need to check the drivers. You should also try installing the latest version of Adobe Acrobat plug-in.

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