The Best Portable Photo Printers for 2024

Everyone carries smartphones these days and taking photos on your phone is common. It would be convenient that you can print those photos on the site with a portable printer, which is easy to carry. Nowadays it is possible with the help of Wi-Fi and inkless print technology.

Most portable photo printers use the print size 2 x 3-inch zink paper but there are a few which use a print size 4 x 6 inches. Some of them use actual instant film rather than paper, which has its advantages and disadvantages.

A Few of the Best Portable Photo Printers for 2024 is Listed Below

1. HP Sprocket Photo Printer

You can print directly from your smartphone or a tablet from the HP Sprocket photo printer with the help of an app by the same name. It uses a print 2 x 3-inch and works via Bluetooth connection and supports both Android as well as iOS.

HP Sprocket Photo printer is similar to the smartphone and has a weight of roughly 6 ounces or 172 grams which is easy to carry anywhere. You can even customize your photos before printing with the mobile app, which allows you to print high-quality photos.

2. Polaroid Zip Wireless Mobile Mini Printer

Polaroid Zip uses a print 2 x 3-inch and you don't even have to shake your photo like polaroid pictures. This type of printer is a good example of Polaroid instant print and uses Bluetooth-connected smartphones.

Photos are Smudge-proof and have peel back so that you can place them anywhere without any hassle. It doesn't contain any ink cartridges or ribbon to throw away and prints in under a minute.

It weighs 6.6 ounces or 187 gms, which is easy to carry with you anywhere. It supports both iOS and Android and you can download the polaroid app to enhance your photo.

3. Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-3 Printer

Like other printers, Fujifilm INSTAX Share SP-3 does not use the Zink Paper, but the actual film is printed from your smartphone. Like most printers, images are printed on 2.4 x 2.4-inch Instax Square film which is perfect for your Instagram.

You can simply transfer your photos from your smartphone through a Wi-Fi connection. You can edit your images after downloading the INSTAX share app (i.e. adding text, splitting the photo, making a collage, or adding filters to the image).

You can simply say this printer is one of the best portable photo printers for 2024.

4. Lifeprint Slim Photo and Video Printer

This model is the latest addition from the company, as the name suggests it is slim and more portable than its previous versions. This printer uses Zink paper but produces prints that move when you scan them with your smartphone app.

Now, this printer has options for printing in 2 x 3-inches as well as 3 x 4.5-inches. It uses Hyperphoto technology which allows it to print from any social media accounts. With the help of the Lifeprint app, you can easily edit your photo.

5. Canon Ivy Mini Printer

This is another good example of portable photo printers for 2024 which are easy to carry around. The Canon Ivy Mini allows you to print your social media photo with ease from your smartphone.

You can easily edit and customize your photo after downloading the app from the app store via Bluetooth. This printer uses zinc paper printing 2 x 3-inches photos and weighs just 5.6 ounces (159gms).

6. Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer

Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer is a pop open Bluetooth mini printer that is compatible with both iPhone and Android. The printer has no button which makes it sleeker and it is very easy to use.

This printer uses 2 x3-inch Zink paper and is slightly heavier than other printers available in the market which is 16 ounces(454 gms). For a better experience, you have to download the Kodak Smile app.

7. Canon SELPHY QX10 Printer

Canon SELPHY QX10 is not like the other portable photo printers for 2024, it doesn't use Zink paper or instant film. It has dye-sublimation technology, i.e. it uses ink to print the photo. Though using an ink printer has its disadvantages, you get enhanced picture quality.

It has been seen that dye-sublimation print quality is more accurate than that of Zink paper or instant film. The drawback of this printer is that it prints one layer of color at a time which takes more time to print the pictures.

The paper used in this printer is torn and water-resistant and also comes with a sticky back. This printer prints 2.7 x 2.7-inch paper and weighs around 15.5 ounces(440 gms).

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