How to Get Canon Printer Online on MAC?

My Canon Pixma MX330 printer is not connecting to Mac. Whenever I try to print it tells me the printer is offline, although it isn't. I've removed and added the printer twice, but no avail. Yesterday I was able to print to the wireless printer but not today. Also, restart printer and Mac, but still my system is not finding the printer. What am I missing here please tell me so that my Canon printer gets online and help me to resume printing?

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Answer - 1

Perform these basic troubleshooting sequences when your Canon printer gets offline on Mac -

  1. First of all, you have to check all cable connections between your Canon printer and the computer that mainly depend on the method that you used for connecting to the printer. Confirm that none of the cables is loose and your Canon printer is powered on.
  2. Also, check your printer’s tray for the paper jam. Confirm that your printer has enough paper and all papers are aligned appropriately. If “low ink” message is displaying on the printer then immediately replace the previous ink cartridges with the new ones.
  3. In next step, tap on Apple menu and then choose “Software Update” option to install all available updates.
  4. After this, again tap on Apple menu and then choose “Restart” option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Next, tap on System Preferences that is present in Dock and then choose “Print & Scan” option. Now, press double click on your printer from the printer list. By doing this, a yellow light will appear next to your printer’s name. Then tap on Resume button.
  6. Press Ctrl+P to print a document and after this choose your Canon printer from the list.
  7. If still, your Canon printer is not printing anything then you need to reset printing system. For this, first, tap on Apple menu and then choose System Preferences from the drop-down list.
  8. Tap on “Print & Scan” and after this press Ctrl key. Next press right click simultaneously in the Printer list.
  9. In next step, choose “Reset Printing System”, tap on “+” button and choose your printer. Now, wait for a few moments to download and install your Canon printer on Mac.

I hope this information will definitely help you to make your Canon printer online on Mac.

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Answer - 2

Fix Canon Printer Offline MAC Issue:

Let's have a look at this basic troubleshooting sequence -

Check Physical Connection -

First of all, you have to check all cable connections between your Canon printer and Mac. Although it depends on the method through which you have to connect your printer to Mac. Also, confirm none of the cables are loose otherwise your system will not recognize your printer and hence unable to print anything.

Reset Printing System -

1. In order to reset your printing system, you have to tap on Apple menu and then choose “System Preferences”.

Then move to Hardware section and click on “Print & Scan”.

2. In the next step, you have to press a click on Printer list along with Control. Now a menu will pop-up from where you have to tap on “Reset Printing System”.

3. Confirm that your Canon printer is secured attached to your Mac either wirelessly or through the ethernet connection.

4. Next, tap on Apple menu> System Preferences> Print & Scan.

5. Now, you have to choose the “+” symbol and then add your Canon printer to Mac.

6. Choose your printer from the list and then click on Add. Mac OS X will automatically download and install the latest software for your Canon printer.

If these steps didn’t work in your case then please post your query on Canon Support forum and receive best Canon Customer Service directly from Canon Printer Technical Support team.

Note: Follow Printer Support forum for Canon Printer releated  problems.

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