Why Won't My Canon Printer Print after Changing an Ink Cartridge?

I have a Canon ink-jet printer at home for more than 3 months now and it used to work perfectly fine until now. I use it for printing documents and small stuff not a very heavy user. Recently the black ink ran out and I changed the cartridge with a new one but for some reason my Canon printer does not print any ink now. I have reset the cartridge a couple of times and even checked the print-heads but nothing is helping. What am i supposed to do?

Canon Printer won't Print after Replacing Ink:

If your Canon printer won't print after changing ink cartridge then it might be possible that your Canon printer is not recognizing ink cartridge. So, just check these points to troubleshoot your Canon printer issue -

Remove Protective Tape –

In various printers, ink cartridges are shipped with a small strip of protective tape that covers the print nozzle. This protective tape blocks the nozzle to prevent ink from leaking. If you didn’t remove this tape then the cartridge will not print anything.

So, just remove the cartridge from Canon printer and look for that protective tape. If there are stickers or labels on the cartridge then don’t remove them as they seal the cartridge and the ink does not dry out.

Reset Ink Cartridge Counter –

Sometimes printer does not recognize ink cartridge or ink counter reads it “empty”. In various printers, there is cartridge reset feature that proves useful when the printer does not recognize ink cartridge. To reset ink cartridge in Canon printer, you need to press and hold the “cleaning button” for 3 seconds.

After this, lift the clamp and don’t remove the cartridge from Canon printer. Next, shut the clamp and press the Load button. You can also learn the reset process of your Canon printer by reading through the manual.

Refilled Cartridges Issues –

If you are unable to fill ink cartridge properly then your printer will not print. While filling ink in the cartridge, inject ink into sponge through exit hole. Sometimes ink flow gets blocked when air bubbles trapped inside the cartridge. In such situations, allow the ink cartridge to sit unused for an hour.

By doing this, the air bubble will dislodge itself. If still the problem continues then remove the ink cartridge and gently tap it on a table so air bubbles can dislodge.

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Run Extended Cleaning Cycle –

If the ink started to dry out then you need to run an extended cleaning cycle so that your Canon printer can recognize ink cartridge. Check the “Cleaning” button and hold it for a couple of minutes.

To run a cleaning cycle on your printer, you can take guidance by reading the manual. Once the cleaning cycle gets complete, just print a test page to determine whether your printer is printing properly or not.

I hope after applying these solutions to Canon printer ink not working issue, you will be able to enjoy hassle-free printing with your Canon Printer. But if any problem like as double letters ina Canon printer printout arises then drop a message, I will definitely help you.


Canon Printer not Printing after Refilling Ink:

The printer not working after replacing ink cartridges issue can appear due to various reasons. Here, we have mentioned the potential causes and ways to resolve the Canon printer not working after replacing ink cartridges. So, let's get started. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to check all the plastic tabs that will stop the ink from leaking or dispersing. If you find that it is attached to the cartridge, then you must detach it immediately. 

Step 2: Check whether your cartridge is properly inserted. Some cartridges are snapped in the right place and there are a few that are not properly inserted. If some cartridges aren't inserted properly, then your Canon printer will not print. 

Step 3: In case you find that the lever is not in the right position, which enables the installation of ink cartridges, then you must bring it back to its original position. 

Step 4: If possible, you should perform a head cleaning on your printer. 

Step 5: Try to reset the cartridge counter. Check the documentation of your printer and then read out the instructions for your model. If you want, you can also go to the main website of the manufacturer. 

Step 6: Check that no software errors are occurring while printing a test page. 

Step 7: In case you are installing an ink cartridge that has not been authorized by your printer manufacturer, then that means it is incompatible. 

Step 8: In case you see any indicator lights flashing, then you must check the documentation that came along with your printer. You should also check the main website of the manufacturer if you wish to get additional information. 

In case the above recommendations did not fix your problem, then you should get in touch with your printer manufacturer. In case any repairs are required, then it is better to buy a new printer as it will be cheaper. The repair cost is always a lot more than the printer cost. Hopefully, this will help you fix the Canon printer not working after replacing ink cartridges problem. 



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Why Won't My Canon Printer Print after Changing an Ink Cartridge?

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