How to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320?

I have a Samsung Printer for last 9 month but suddenly my screen displayed an error Code u1 2320 and I do everything like restart printer several times, check connection between printer and system but unable to find. So can anyone give me suggestion how I fix Samsung Printer Error Code u1 2320?

Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320:

Samsung is one of the top manufacturers of electronic products including high-quality printers. Since its launch, they have become a more popular choice among printer users as it maintains quality and performance levels.

However, at certain times the users get disappointed due to Samsung printer error code U1 2320. This error is mainly related to fuser unit failure #u1-2320. So, whenever you face an issue, you must fix it the earliest. This guide discusses some of the potential causes for Samsung printer error code U1 2320 and it's fixed that you can try on your own.

Methods to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1-2320-

This Samsung printer error code U1-2320 is not difficult to fix as you just need to follow the same procedure as stated below.

Method 1: Soft Reset Samsung Printer

One of the basic methods to resolve the error code without a delay. Firstly, turn off your printer. Next, open the fuser unit to check it. Turn on your printer again and wait for some time to check if the error is still occurring or not.

Method 2: Perform a Factory Restore

For this method, initially press the F8 key for some time and then tap on “Repair your computer.” Thereafter, click on Next option and select your username with a password.

Lastly, select “System Recovery” option and tap on OK. Press the back, power and home button simultaneously. A message is shown on the screen asking you to press any key to continue the restore process. As the restoration process gets completed, check if the error code is resolved or not.

Method 3: Check Fuser Unit

Another alternative is to fix Samsung printer error code U1 2320. Firstly, turn off your printer and take out the fuser unit from it. Then, check whether the fuser connector is properly attached with your printer or not.

Next, test for the input voltage supply, whether it is normal or not. Also, check the thermistor. If it is faulty then replace it with a new one.

Method 4: Update Device Driver

An outdated driver restricts your Samsung printer from printing. So, it is important to update the driver as soon as possible to get rid of the error. Do check whether the driver is corrupted or not.

If yes, launch the Start menu and click on the Search option. Next, type and enter “Device manager” which opens a new page. Out of the options given, select the appropriate option and click on the Update button. After the updates, restart your device.

Method 5: Check the Temperature of Fuser Unit

Causes of Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320-

When you are facing this Samsung printer error code U1 2320 then there must be underlying causes for getting this. So, let us check them one by one.

Old driver: Sometimes, you are using an old, outdated driver that's not compatible with your device so you face this issue with your printer.

Overheating of Fuser unit: As told, this error code is related to the damaged fuser unit. The Fuser unit is actually a removable part of the printer that should be timely replaced. The fuser is responsible to adjust the temperature quickly. So, if gets overheated, then there is a high possibility of confronting this error code.

Virus or malware attacks: At certain times, your Samsung printer’s software gets affected by a virus or malware. Subsequently, that restricts the printer to complete the printing job successfully and leads in a u1 2320 Samsung printer error.

In some cases, the fuser unit of your printer gets heated. So, it is possible that you face Samsung Printer Error Code u1 2320. Therefore, you must check the Temperature Control of the fuser unit. If the temperature is not moderate, then low down the temperature and check if the issue is resolved or not.

Fuser unit failure #u1-2320


To Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320, Just Check These Steps -

1. First of all, turn off your Samsung printer and then reinstall the fuser unit. After that again turn on Samsung printer and check if still, you are facing Samsung printer error code U1 2320 or not.

2. If the problem still persists then turn off your printer and remove the fuser unit.

a) Make sure the fuser connector is connected properly.

b) Input voltage is normal.

c) Also, check out the thermistor, if it is twisted or contaminated.

3. After checking continuity in the fuser connector, if you are facing the same problem then you need to immediately get in touch with experts at Samsung Printer as only they can suggest you best answer to fix Samsung printer error code U1 2320.

Hopefully, after going through these steps, you will understand what to do that how to fix Samsung printer error code U1-2320.  If you have any kind of problems like  Samsung error code U1-2315 and Samsung printer error code 0x803c010b then Printer Technical Support form provide the best solution of your queries by experts.

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How to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320?

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