How to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320?

I have a Samsung Printer for last 9 month but suddenly my screen displayed an error Code u1 2320 and I do everything like restart printer several times, check connection between printer and system but unable to find. So can anyone give me suggestion how I fix Samsung Printer Error Code u1 2320?

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How to Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320?

Samsung printers are one of the best printer products available in the market today. These printers are great for both personal and office use. Samsung manufactures color laser printers, mono laser printers, and multifunctional printers. The Samsung printer error 12320 occurs when the future unit in your Printer has stopped working.

There might be many reasons behind the failure of your fuser unit. Some of them are malware or viruses on your system, programs that are uninstalled in the wrong way, power outages, and shutting down your computer in an inappropriate way. To fix this error, you need to first check the model number of your Printer and then check the fuser unit temperature control.

You can try to turn off your Printer and wait for some time before turning it on. Make sure the connector is connected properly to the Printer after removing the fuser. There should be no dirt on the thermistor as well.   

What is error code U1 2330 on the Samsung printer?

Error code U1 2330 in a Samsung printer appears when the temperature control on your fuser unit is not working properly. This is also called a low heat error. This issue can occur if the fuser is not connected properly. You may also face this problem because of abnormal input voltage. A contaminated thermistor can also lead to this problem. 

What are the Reasons for Samsung printer error code u1-2320?

This issue generally appears when the fuser unit stops working.  This is an element required to fuse the toner to get the printing work done. Various reasons can cause fuser unit failure. Some of the common reasons are mentioned below. 

  • Existence of malware and virus on your system. 

  • Programs uninstalled in the wrong way. 

  • System shut off because of a sudden power outage.

  • Inappropriate shutdown of your computer

Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1-2320  Easily

There are various Different methods to fix Samsung printer error code u1-2320. Below are the different troubleshooting solutions that you can try out to resolve the Samsung printer error code u1-2320.  So, Kindly follow it 

1) Check the model number of your printer's unit 

As discussed before, this issue appears because of fuse unit failure. To fix this issue, you need to check the model number of the unit and go to the main website of Samsung printers. There, you need to check the number of the damaged unit. Once you find the number, you should get this part replaced to resolve the issue. 

2) Check your fuser unit's temperature control 

Before carrying out any troubleshooting solutions, you need to first check the fuser unit's temperature control. If you find that the temperature is not normal, then that is the cause of Samsung printer error code u1-2320. To resolve this problem, you need to carry out the steps stated below. 

  • Power off your printer and then wait for some time. After that, you need to check whether the issue is resolved or not. In case the issue is still there, then follow the next step. 

  • Try removing the fuser unit and see if the connector is properly connected to the printer or not. Then, you need to ensure that the input voltage temperature is normal. 

  • At last, you need to ensure that there is no dirt on the thermistor. 

So, these are the solutions that you must try out to resolve Samsung printer error code u1-2320.

Causes of Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320

Old driver: Sometimes, you are using an old, outdated driver that's not compatible with your device so you face this issue with your printer.

Overheating of Fuser unit: As told, this error code is related to the damaged fuser unit. The Fuser unit is a removable part of the printer that should be timely replaced. The fuser is responsible for adjusting the temperature quickly. So, if gets overheated, then there is a high possibility of confronting this error code.

Virus or malware attacks: At certain times, your Samsung printer’s software gets affected by a virus or malware. Subsequently, that restricts the printer from completing the printing job successfully and leads to a u1 2320 Samsung printer error.

In some cases, the fuser unit of your printer gets heated. So, you may face Samsung Printer Error Code u1 2320. Therefore, you must check the Temperature Control of the fuser unit. If the temperature is not moderate, then lower the temperature and check if the issue is resolved or not.

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FAQs of Fix Samsung Printer Error Code U1 2320

Q1. Q1. How do I fix error #U1 2320?

Ans: Ans In order to fix error u1 2320, you must turn off your printer. Leave it idle for a while and then turn it on again.

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