Cricut not Printing? Fix it in 5 Simple Steps

Using inkjet printers for printing jobs is recommended before you carve a design with a circuit maker. Nevertheless, it can help you handle printing, particularly on light-colored materials. If the circuit is not printing, then that means the image is not printable.

You are just required to change the Linetype in order to make the designs printable. For this, you should use a flatten tool. Here, we will walk you through a step-by-step guide that will help you learn how to fix the problem when the circuit won't print. 

How can I Fix a Circuit Machine that Won't Print? 

1) Change the Linetype

Step 1: Open the dropdown menu and then select the More button from there. After that, you need to select your Circuit edition. This will filter out all the options that are not available on your device. 

Step 2: Enter your design on a Design Space Canvas. 

Step 3: Select the Linetype menu button and then choose a different Linetype from the dropdown menu. 

Step 4: If there are multiple layers and you want to change the Linetype for all of them, then you need to choose all the relevant layers before you select a Linetype from the dropdown. 

2) Use a Printable Image 

Circuit's library is full of printable images, which are ready to print, then cut. All these images have a Print Linetype and you can see them as single layers in the Layer panel. In case the circuit is not printing, then you must try one more time with printable images.

They have a printer icon right next to the title. You can search these images and place it on Canvas. After that, you are required to carry out the steps and modify it to Print and then Cut. 

3) Print and Cut

Below are the steps that you are required to carry out in order to Print and then Cut. 

Step 1: In case the circuit is not printing, then you must change it into a printable design. You can change the Linetype or insert a printable image. 

Step 2: After that, select the Continue button. 

Step 3: Then, you need to select Printer from the dropdown and then select Send to Printer. 

This will open up the Print then Cut dialog and applies an image bleed to eliminate the border left after the carving. 

After that, try to print again using your printer after applying the steps mentioned here. In case the circuit is not printing still, then ensure that you use a white material if you use medium to light colored paper for your circuit maker.

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