Lexmark Printer not Feeding Paper

How to Resolve Lexmark Printer Paper Feed Problem?

First of all, you have to remove all pieces of paper from the printer. After removing papers, readjust the right tractor position. Confirm that the form thickness lever is set correctly otherwise problems can arise. Now, press Load button to release papers from a parked status. Also, verify that right paper guide and Auto Cut Sheet Load option is set correctly.

If the Lexmark’s Paper Feed Rollers are Rolling but the Paper is Not Feeding then -

  1. Take a sheet of paper (A4) and place into paper feed tray. After this, you have to move paper support on the left side to the left end of the paper. After this, press Paper feed button on your printer. If the paper is not feeding then proceed further.
  2. If your Lexmark printer is not feeding paper then you have to check obstructions in the paper feed path. Disconnect all USB or ethernet cables from the back side of the printer. After unplugging cables, open the front of the printer and check if anything is blocking the paper path. Remove paper from paper feed tray and then close the front lid.

Have a Look at These Tips if Your Lexmark Printer Won’t Process Print Jobs -

Step 1: To open Control Panel, you have to click on Start button > Control Panel.

Step 2: In Control Panel search box, type “Computer Management” and then hit Enter button. Then press double click on the icon that displays at that moment.

Step 3: Then tap on Services > Print Spooler. To restart print spooler services, just click on Restart button. Now check your problem is fixed or not by sending print jobs. If the problem continues then proceed to next step.

Step 4: Disconnect interface cable and unplug your Lexmark printer. Confirm that no paper is caught inside the Lexmark printer as this can led to the severe issue. Now leave the Lexmark printer powered down for at least one minute and then reconnect it.

Step 5: After reconnecting Lexmark printer properly, send print jobs to check if it is printing appropriately or not. If the problem still persists then you have to uninstall and reinstall printer drivers that came along with your Lexmark printer.

Step 6: Visit Lexmark official website to download updated drivers for your specific printer.

If Lexmark Printer does not Feed on Optional Tractor 2 Feeder:

In such situation, you have to move the paper select lever down to the printer icon position. After this, choose another Tractor feeder by pressing Tractor and then load paper on the chosen tractor feeder. Next, you need to plug the optional Tractor 2 Feeder into the back of Lexmark printer.

If Lexmark Printer does not Feed on Auto Sheet Feeder:

You have to clean Auto Sheet Feeder rollers. For this, remove all papers from Lexmark printer. After removing papers, turn Auto Sheet Feeder upside down and then place it on a flat horizontal surface. Now you have to clean paper guide wheels that are located at the bottom of Auto Sheet Feeder. You can clean them using isopropyl alcohol and cotton cloth.

Hope, this information will help you to resolve Lexmark printer paper feed problem.

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