Why Does My HP Printer Say Offline?

HP printer offline problem is a common problem that bothers users nowadays. This problem usually occurs because of a bad internet connection. You may also encounter this problem if you accidentally enable offline mode on your printer. If you wish to know about this issue in detail, then go through this guide and learn how to fix HP printer says offline problem. Before we jump on to the main part of this guide, let us first get to know a little bit about the brand.

What is HP?

HP is an American IT company. The headquarters of this company is located in  Palo Alto, California. This company manufactures various hardware components and software for its customer base. This company is popularly known for supplying printers. It manufactures various kinds of printing solutions such as HP inkjet printers and HP laser printers.

What Causes HP Printer Offline Problem?

HP printer offline issue occur because of various reasons. One of the major causes is that your printer is not connected to the internet. When there is no connection, the computer won't be able to communicate with the printer. Moreover, it won't be able to receive any data to print. Another cause of this issue is internal hardware defects.

The good thing is that this issue is not so common and can be resolved easily. If you see any error messages appearing on the screen, then also you may come across HP printer offline issue.

How Can I Resolve HP Printer Offline Problem?

Below, we have laid out different solutions that you can try out to fix HP printer offline problem. So, let's read them out one by one.

1) Please Make Sure That Your Printer is Not in the Offline Mode

You can easily put a connected printer device in offline mode on Windows. When you share your printer over a local network, offline mode helps in preventing it from unauthorized access. To check whether your printer is in offline mode or not, you just have to go to the Printer menu and check if the Use Printer Offline option is selected or not. In case this option is selected, then you need to unselect this option and try to print once again.

2)  Check for Error Messages on Your LCD Display

If your HP printer device has an LCD display, then you need to check whether it is displaying any error messages or not. You can see error messages appearing on the side of your screen. Instead of an error message appearing on the side, you may see an error covering up the entire screen. In case you don't know what a particular error code means, then go to the main website of HP to gain this information.

3) Check Wired Connection

In case your offline printer is connected to your computer directly,  ensure that the wire connecting the two is securely attached on both sides and not damaged from anywhere. In case, it is crushed from within but the outer layer is absolutely fine, then that means the wire is broken. If you find that the wire is broken, then you must replace it.

4) Restart Your Printer

If none of the technical solutions you applied so far work, then you can try restarting your printer. Turning off your printer and then turning it on again can resolve numerous technical issues. There is a chance that you are encountering this offline problem because of a technical glitch. With a simple restart, the technical glitch will go away and your HP printer offline problem will also get resolved.


So, if your HP printer has gone offline, then these are the tips and tricks that you can apply to bring your printer online once again. If these solutions laid out above don't help you resolve your issue, then get in touch with the technical support team of HP to resolve your problem.

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. How do I get my HP printer back online?

Ans: One of the ways to get your HP printer online is to restart your printer. Also, after you restart your printer, you must check that your printer and computer are on the same network.

Q2. How do I fix my HP printer offline problem?

Ans: In the article above, we have mentioned different solutions that can help you fix the HP printer offline problem.

Q3. Why has my HP printer suddenly stopped working?

Ans: Empty ink cartridges, no paper in the input tray, and no power supply are some of the causes that lead to this problem.

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