How to Find WPS Pin on Samsung Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to find wps pin on samsung printer. I am facing some issue while finding wps pin on thi printer. I have no idea about that. Help me.

A WPS Pin: What Is It? The acronym WPS stands for "Wi-Fi Protected Setup," which facilitates internet connectivity for your device. WPS pin is a unique eight-digit code that connects your device wirelessly to routers and adds an extra layer of protection. In addition, the WPS Pin protects your gadget from outside hackers, and you can ban unknown users.

How Can I Find My Samsung Printer's WPS Pin? 

By finding the printer's control panel and selecting the "Wireless" button in the settings, you may locate the samsung wps pin on the printer screen. Then, to configure your wireless network, open the "Wi-Fi protected setup" and adhere to the on-screen directions. Scroll down for detailed instructions on utilising the WPS pin for your Samsung printer.

WPS Connection Types For Samsung Printers

On Samsung printers, there are two kinds of wps pin samsung printer connections:

  • WPS Pin: Without worrying about being hacked, you may easily connect your printer to the internet using the WPS Pin, an eight-digit PIN.

  • WPS Button: The printer can be linked to the internet via the router's WPS button. To begin, all you need to do is press the WPS button.

WPS Pin to Connect Your Samsung Printer

If you own a recent Samsung printer and are wondering where to find the WPS pin, you've come to the perfect place. The WPS pin is not on the printer; therefore, you must take some steps to locate it. First, place your router or wireless network close to your Samsung printer to generate the WPS pin quickly. Follow the instructions below to link your Samsung printer using the WPS pin successfully.

  • Turn on your Samsung printer first, then navigate to the control panel.

  • In the options, click the "Wireless" button now.

  • Next, to configure your wireless network, launch the "Wi-Fi Protected Setup" and adhere to the on-screen directions.

  • After you finish following the steps, a PIN screen will show up. To see the WPS Pin on your screen, select the Pin option.

  • Once the WPS pin has been produced, the utility must be configured for a wireless router.

  • The WPS PIN on the Samsung printer is how you have linked your printer to the internet.

WPS Button to Connect Your Samsung Printer

You can also use the wps pin samsung printer m2070 to connect your printer to the internet. Initially, close the printer and router. Now click your Samsung printer to the WPS button by following the instructions below.

  • Find and hold down the WPS button on the router. The router may have a WPS button on the front or back. 

  • Alternatively, you can click the WPS button to enter the router's configuration page and create the Wi-Fi Protected button.

  • Open your web browser to access the router setup page. Next, enter "" into the search bar and click OK. The setup page for the router will open.

  • The username and password fields are now visible to you on the page. Enter "admin" as the password, leave the username blank, and press Enter.

  • After two minutes, hit the router's WPS button once more.

  • At last, the router will automatically establish a connection with your Samsung printer.

Use the Router's WPS Pin to Connect Your Samsung Printer

If the two ways mentioned above don't work, don't worry. The WPS PIN on the router can also connect to your Samsung printer. How can the WPS pin on the router be used to connect the Samsung printer? Take the actions listed below;

  • Navigate to the router setup page in your browser. After that, input "" into the search field and press Enter. It will open the page for router settings.

  • Fields for a username and password are visible on the router configuration page. Make sure the username is blank and the password is admin. Now click Enter.

  • The 'Wireless' option will appear after you log in. The "Wireless" menu will appear. Select "Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)".

  • Please search for the WPS PIN with its address and serial number on the router's underside now. When the device asks for it, enter this WPS PIN.

  • Lastly, adhere to all the on-screen instructions to properly connect your printer to the internet using the router's WPS pin.


The steps for identifying a WPS pin on a Samsung printer have been compiled. Using the preceding procedures, you can quickly discover the WPS pin and establish a wireless connection between your printer and router. But if you need help getting your device online, contact Samsung Printer Support for assistance.


Find WPS Pin On Samsung Printer:

If you are using the Samsung printer and want to know where its WPS pin is. Then this blog will be helpful to you. In this, I will discuss some methods that will help you to find a WPS Pin Samsung Printer

Techniques To Find WPS PIN On Samsung Printer-

To move further to the steps. Firstly, you need to check whether the WPS PIN that you are using is wireless or not. For this configure your device with the wireless router to generate the pin. After this process follow the below methods.

Method 1:- With The Help Of Wifi Protected Button

The steps for this are as follows:

Step 1:- This step has further following steps.

Search for the WPS button on the router and then hold it for some minutes. Or you can visit the router setup page and then configure the WPS with just one click.

Go to any browser and type193.168.1.1” in its address bar. This will take you to the setup page of the router.

After this, you have to fill in credentials like username and password. For the field of username leave it blank and for the password field type admin. Hit on the enter button.

Step 2) Within the 2 minutes of the above step hit on the WPS button on the device.

Method 2:- Using the WPS Pin Of The Device

Below is the procedural guide for this method.

Step 1) Firstly go to the control panel of the Samsung printer. Navigate to the setting and hit the wireless button.

Step 2) Click on the protected setup of the wifi and follow the instructions of the screen prompt.

Step 3) Once you complete the instruction then the screen will appear for the Pin. Click on the option. This will display your Samsung printer WPS pin on the screen.

Step 4) Pin is generated. After this, you have to configure the utility for the wireless router. Enter the generated WPS pin.

Step 5) Your setup process is complete and now you can find WPS pin on Samsung printer.

Hence you have completed the process successfully.

Before going to the methods to search Samsung WPS pin let's quickly discuss the type of network we use.

Understanding The Network Type-

Mode Of Infrastructure

This mode is basically used for home and small office purposes. It is used for wireless communication.

Ad Hoc Mode

This is not used for any access point. In this model, wireless machines can communicate directly. Connection Of Machine With Display Screen. This method consists of 2 parts.

Part 1:- Connecting In The Mode Of PBC

For this part of the method go through the following steps.

Step 1) Navigate to the Menu option.

Step 2) Go to the network and click on wireless after that on WPS settings.

Step 3) From the control panel click on PBC.

Once you click on the WPS-PBC button. You will see the following messages:

  • Connecting: When the machine tries to connect with the access point.
  • Connected: It is when the machine successfully connects to the wireless network, that the Samsung printer WPS LED light turns on.
  • AP SSID: This is when the wireless network connection process is completed, and the AP’s SSID information is displayed.

Step 4) Insert the attached CD of software into the CD-ROM drive, and follow the mentioned instructions in the window to make the wireless network.

Part 2:- Connection With PIN Mode

Follow the below step for this part of the method.

Step 1) Go to the Menu option.

Step 2 ) Click on the network then select the wireless option.

Step 3) Tab on the WPS settings.

Step 4) Navigate towards the control panel and click on the PIN.

This will ask you to fill in the 8-digit PIN.

After that, the following messages will be displayed on the screen.

  • Connecting: When the machine is in the process of establishing a connection with the access point.
  • Connected: It is when the machine connects to the wireless network successfully, the WPS LED light turns on.
  • Type of SSID: This is when the process is completed, the AP’s SSID information is displayed.

Step 4) Put the CD of the software inside the CD-ROM drive, and follow the upcoming instructions appearing on the window to make the wireless network.


In this blog, I have explained many facts about Samsung printers and have also provided the method that will you to find the WPS pin on Samsung printer.


Find WPS Pin Samsung Printer:

You should be aware that a printer's back cannot include the WPS PIN, a wireless pin. To link your Samsung printers, you must either set up your device to a wireless network or have your router create a pin.

Read here if you're having difficulties figuring out how to find a WPS Pin Samsung Printer. The following solutions can undoubtedly assist you in locating the wps pin for the Samsung printer:

Just Using WPS or WiFi Protected Button to Join a Device

If the device has a WPS button and your router prompts you to click the WPS button, consider the following solution.

Step 1

You must find and push the WPS button on your router. You can also configure the WPS by pressing the WPS on the initial item on the router setup screen.

It would help if you launched any web browser, type "" into the url box, then press Enter to reach the router's setup page.

Your username and password will then be requested. Put admin in the password area and hit OK after leaving the Username field empty.

Step 2

Within two minutes of finishing the procedures mentioned earlier, press the WPS button on the computer or device you used to connect to the router's Wi-Fi network.

You are currently using WPS to link to your router.

Using a Device's WPS PIN to Connect

If you discover your device's WPS PIN, you can utilize this approach. Follow the on-screen instructions to locate the Samsung printer WPS pin, then set up the wireless connection.

Step 1: Go to the Samsung printer control panel, then select the wireless button from the options for this approach.

Step 2: After the earlier action, touch the Wi-Fi-protected setup and adhere to all on-screen instructions.

Step 3: You will now be asked for your PIN; tap the available choice. Your WPS PIN would've been visible on the screen as a result.

Step 4: You must then visit the utility and set up the software for your wireless router and access point after creating the PIN. Input the issued WPS PIN after the setup.

Step 5: Once the configuration is finished, you may install the network printer driver by selecting the option to connect a new printer while accessing the Samsung printer folders in all programs from the printer setup and software.

Using these techniques will enable you to solve your issue. After attempting the steps mentioned earlier and still having trouble finding the WPS pin on the Samsung printer, you should contact Samsung printer assistance.

They can assist you in finding the PIN, or you can consult the manual that came with the Samsung printer.



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How to Find WPS Pin on Samsung Printer?

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