How to Find WPS Pin on Samsung Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to find wps pin on samsung printer. I am facing some issue while finding wps pin on thi printer. I have no idea about that. Help me.

Find WPS Pin On Samsung Printer:

If you are using the Samsung printer and want to know where its WPS pin. Then this blog will be helpful to you. In this, I will discuss some methods which will help you to find WPS pin on Samsung printer.

Techniques To Find WPS PIN On Samsung Printer-

To move further to the steps. Firstly, you need to check that the WPS Pin that you are using is wireless or not. For this configure your device with the wireless router to generate the pin. After this process follows the below methods.

Method 1:- With The Help Of Wifi Protected Button

The steps for this are as follows:

Step 1:- This step has further following steps.

Search for the WPS button on the router and then hold it for some minutes. Or you can visit the router setup page and then configure the WPS with just one click.

Go to any browser and type193.168.1.1” on its address bar. This will take you to the setup page of the router.

After this, you have to fill in credentials like username and password. For the field of username leave it blank and for the password field type admin. Hit on the enter button.

Step 2) Within the 2 mins of the above step hit on the WPS button on the device.

Method 2:- Using WPS Pin Of The Device

Below is the procedural guide for this method.

Step 1) Firstly go to the control panel of the Samsung printer. Navigate to the setting and hit the wireless button.

Step 2) Click on the protected setup of the wifi and follow the instructions of the screen prompt.

Step 3) Once you complete the instruction then the screen will appear for the Pin. Click on the option. This will display your Samsung printer WPS pin on the screen.

Step 4) Pin is generated. After this, you have to configure the utility for the wireless router. Enter the generated WPS pin.

Step 5) Your setup process is complete and now you can find WPS pin on Samsung printer.

Hence you have completed the process successfully.

Before going to the methods to search Samsung WPS pin let's quickly discuss the type of network we use.

Understanding The Network Type-

Mode Of Infrastructure

This mode is basically used for home and small office purposes. It is used for wireless communication.

Ad Hoc Mode

This is not used for any access point. In this model wireless machines can communicate directly. Connection Of Machine With Display Screen. This method consists of 2 parts.

Part 1:- Connecting In The Mode Of PBC

For this part of the method go through the following steps.

Step 1) Navigate to the Menu option.

Step 2) Go to the network and click on wireless after that on WPS settings.

Step 3) From the control panel clicks on PBC.

Once you click on the WPS-PBC button. You will see the following messages:

  • Connecting: When the machine tries to connect with the access point.
  • Connected: It is when the machine successfully connects to the wireless network, that the Samsung printer WPS LED light turns on.
  • AP SSID: This is when the wireless network connection process is completed, and the AP’s SSID information is displayed.

Step 4) Insert the attached CD of software into the CD-ROM drive, and follow the mentioned instructions in the window to make the wireless network.

Part 2:- Connection With PIN Mode

Follow the below step for this part of the method.

Step 1) Go to the Menu option.

Step 2 ) Click on the network then select the wireless option.

Step 3) Tab on the WPS settings.

Step 4) Navigate towards the control panel and click on the PIN.

This will ask you to fill in the 8-digit PIN.

After that, the following messages will display on the screen.

  • Connecting: When the machine is in the process to establish a connection with the access point.
  • Connected: It is when the machine connects to the wireless network successfully, the WPS LED light turns on.
  • Type of SSID: This is when the process is completed, the AP’s SSID information is displayed.

Step 4) Put the CD of the software inside the CD-ROM drive, and follow the upcoming instructions appearing on the window to make the wireless network.


In this blog, I have explained many facts about Samsung printers and have also provided the method that will you to find WPS pin on Samsung printer.


How to Find WPS Pin on Samsung Printer?

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