How to Connect iPhone to Canon Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to connect iPhone to Canon printer. I am facing some issue while connecting canon printer to my iphone. Help me.

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Connect iPhone to Canon Printer:

Canon is an internationally known company that deals in the manufacturing of imaging and optical products. Presently, there is a lot of hype about the Canon printers in the market because of its exceptional printing quality.

If you want to be able to print from your Canon printer by connecting to iPhone, then take a look below for how to print from iPhone on Canon printer.

How to Print from an AirPrint Compliance Device?

AirPrint is an incredible tool when it comes to wireless printing from iPhone, iPad, or iPod. This facility enables you to print documents, emails, photos and web pages from an Apple device by connecting them directly to the Canon printer without the need of installing the drivers.

Check Environment

The first thing that is needed to be done is to check the environment of the user. In order to be able to use the AirPrint facility, the user needs to have either iPad, iPhone, or iPod. Another essential thing is that your Canon printer should be connected to the same wireless network.

How to Print Using AirPrint on iPhone.

If you wish to connect Canon printer to iPhone, then you must check the connection status and then go ahead with the printing process.

Step 1: First of all, you must make sure that your Cann printer is powered ON and is connected to wifi.

Step 2: Now, use the AirPrint app on your iPhone and tap on the operation icon to get to see the menu options.

Step 3: In the options of the menu, select the option of printing.

Step 4: Below the options of the printer, the user is required to select the model that is being used.

Step 5: Print.

Points to Remember-

  • There is a chance that you may not see the printer options on the display as there are certain apps that don't support these features. In case an app does not allow you to use the printing options, then printing cannot be done.
  • The printer options may differ based on the model of your Canon printer and the app. Usually, when the model name of the printer and print is selected, then a few options will show up in the display before you.

These options are:

Printer: Choose the model of wireless LAN that can be used.

Copies: choose the total number of copies that you wish to print.

Duplex printing: If your Canon printer supports duplex printing, then choose the option OFF or ON.

Range: The range of pages an be used with a particular file and app types.

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