How to Resolve OKI Printer Error Code 990?

Hello, Please let me know that how to resolve OKI printer error code 990. I have bought this OKI printer but now while printing they show me the error code 990. I don't know how to fix it. Help me.

Solution for OKI Printer Error Code 990:

OKI Error 990 is a ‘waste toner sensor detection error.’ You must iron out the OKI Error Code 990 carefully. The waste toner of OKI Printer is a receptacle in the printer which stockpiles the spare ink. Each and every time you alter the cartridge, you must replace the waste toner container as well.

You will encounter waste toner sensor detection error when the machine cannot find out either the toner cartridge or the drum unit. As a result, the printer becomes incapable of establishing the amount of ink left behind in the units.

Each time you encounter OKI Printer Error Code 990, you can take care of it by giving OKI Printer Number a call.

Useful Solutions for Correcting OKI 990 Error Code :

On every occasion that your OKI Printer reveals the OKI c5300 toner sensor error 990 on the display screen, go along with the following steps:

Step 1 : As soon as this error code comes into sight, examine whether or not, every single blue toner lever is thrust towards the back.

Step 2 : After completing, inspect the sensor.

Step 3 : Find out whether it requires cleaning or not. The sensor is generally located at the back of the plastic cover on the side of the drum.

Step 4 : Free the plastic cover and the silver arm from dirt, marks, or stains with a tiny lint-free fabric. The sensor is an extremely fine powder and is simple to eliminate.

Step 5 : Ensure that the sensor lever on TS1 is thrust upwards.

Step 6 : Free the arm from dirt or impurities.

Step 7 : Make sure you push the sensor lever in the upward direction; if you do not move it upwards, then the machine will not lift the sensor on the drum.

Step 8 : Force the disc upward.

Step 9 : Alternatively, you can team up with OKI Printer Repair Services to resolve OKI Printer Error 990.


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The OKI Error 990 issue is all about the OKI printer’s inability to ascertain the levels of ink the ultimate fallout of which is that the OKI printer starts giving the Error 990 message. This quick guide aims to present the core of this OKI Error 990 and also brings in a simple solution to fix the same.

Understanding what OKI 990 Error Is 

The waste toner detection sensor is placed in your OKI printer to contain the extra ink but when the OKI printing machine fails to trace the drum unit or cartridge the OKI printer doesn’t remain able to detect the ink levels in the cartridge ultimately causing Error 990.

The Solution that Works in Case of OKI 990 Error

Step 1 - Make sure that each and every blue toner lever is pushed back as soon as the OKI 990 Error is reflected.

Step 2 - Here you have to scrutinize the Waste Toner Detection Sensor after locating it towards the drum at the back of the plastic cover. 

Step 3 - After you have examined the sensor just cause to clean the sensor.

Step 4 - With the help of a lint-free cloth try to remove stains, marks, or dirt from the silver arm and the plastic cover as well.

Step 5 - Please do remember that the Waste Toner Detection Sensor is a tiny powder resembling equipment that can be easily removed. So, just make sure that the Sensor Lever is kept in a raised position.

Step 6 - Now attempt to cleanse the arm to remove dirt or debris.

Step 7 - And, be sure that you have pushed the Sensor Lever upwards to allow the OKI printing machine to take the sensor off the drum unit.

Step 8 - Now force the disc in the upward direction.

Step 9 - As another option to fix Error 990 you can also contact OKI printer service



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How to Resolve OKI Printer Error Code 990?

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