Brother Printer Only Printing in Black and White

Fix Brother Printer Not Printing in Color Issues:

There might be many reasons why your brother's printer only prints black and white. Some of the possible reasons could be the ink cartridge being empty, the ink cartridges not being installed properly, and the printhead is either jammed or blocked. To troubleshoot this issue, you can do certain things, like replacing the ink cartridges, checking ink levels regularly, and keeping your printer clean.

You should also consider checking the printer settings and make sure that it is set to print in color. Most of the time, printers have default settings to print in black and white. All of these things can help you in changing the printing color.

These are the possible causes for a Brother printer to malfunction which leads to black and white printing or no color print. I will discuss and address each of these shortcomings with a possible solution.

This issue of Brother printer is quite common and can be resolved using simple troubleshooting techniques.

Troubleshooting Techniques to Resolve Brother Printer not Printing Color Issues:

  1. The Ink Cartridge is Empty:

  • The ink cartridges of different printers have different criteria for printing. Some printers give you warning in advance while some simply stop printing the color once empty.
  • Possible solution: Open the top compartment of your Brother printer to get access to the ink cartridges. Check all the colors one by one whether they are emptied or not. Replace the empty ones with a new cartridge and place them back in their position. Also always make sure to use the brand specified ink as any other may create a problem and even violates the warranty period in some cases. If the ink cartridges are not empty move to next step.

The Ink Cartridges are Not Properly Installed:

    • The problem of your Brother printer not printing black and white can also be associated with the misplacement of ink cartridges. If these cartridges are not properly installed on your printer their printheads won’t be in a position to perform any kind of print jobs. Generally, your printer will give you a warning if it has been misplaced.
    • Possible Solution: Make sure to double-check whether the cartridges have been placed correctly into their position. Print a test page to see if all the colors are being printed properly, the best option is to print the Google homepage.

The Printheads are Blocked or Jammed:

    • Due to excessive use of your printer on a daily routine, chances are that the print head for certain colors has been blocked and that is why you are not able to perform any print jobs of that particular color.
    • Possible Solution: In order to resolve the issue, open the top compartment of your Brother printer to get access to the cartridges and their printhead. Use a clean piece of cloth soaked in warm water and gently and very carefully wipe the printheads and make sure it is not blocked by any kind of dirt or ink particles.

    • After the cleaning process is complete put them back in their position and restart your system. Now once the printer is powered back to print a test page.

Keep Your Brother Printer Updated and Clean:

In order to make sure that your Brother printer lasts long and functions effortlessly for long periods of time, make sure to give it maintenance every other month.

Clean the parts manually, avoid paper jams and make sure to keep your Brother Printer’s software system updated. Look for firmware and driver updates every 6 months. By following these simple steps you will be able to reap out more benefits from your machine.

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