How to Turn My Ricoh Printer Online from Offline?

Hello, My Ricoh printer showing offline. I have no idea about how to turn my ricoh printer online from offline. Please give me any idea about Ricoh printer offline to online.

Ricoh Printer Online from Offline:

You must have experienced the problem of printer getting detected as Ricoh printer says offline when it is actually online. When you click on print and share, then numerous channels of your printer are red and they display that your Ricoh printer is offline. But the truth is that the printer is actually online and in proper working condition.

One of the reasons responsible for this problem is that the information of the printer status is requested through the use of two different protocols that is WMI or SNMP. The printer tries to avail the details from SNMP initially.

But there are certain cases where the SNMP communication isn’t very reliable, which results in wrong printer status details. To bring Ricoh Printer Online from Offline, these are the steps that you need to follow.

Method 1 to Fix Ricoh Printer Showing Offline

In the first method, SNMP is going to get disabled and printer status details are requested through WMI.

Step 1: First of all go to print and share to bring Ricoh printer online from offline.

Step 2: Now, Select change and go to the upper right corner and open the dialog of profiles.

Step 3: In the next step, Select general configuration in the dialog of profiles.

Step 4: Then, open the tab of general settings under general configuration.

Step 5: After that, change the methods for detecting the status of the printer to WMI.

Step 6: Click on ok and then close for saving the changes in the settings. After that, close the dialog.

Method 2 to Get Ricoh Printer Online

According to this method, we are going to change the printer channel for ignoring the message of Ricoh printer offline.

Step 1: Open the print and share of the Ricoh printer

Step 2: After that, in order to bring Ricoh Printer Online from Offline, go to change and select it for opening the profiles dialog in the upper right vertex. ‘

Step 3: After opening up the dialog of profiles, you need to click on edit.

Step 4: Go to the list of channels and then select the printer channel in the profile dialog.

Step 5: Now to bring Ricoh printer online from offline, select the trigger points which are placed exactly under the option of channels.

Step 6: After that, open the dialog of channel requirements and select the dialog of printer error levels.

Step 7: Then, you need to locate the offline error and make changes in the error level. Now, set it to None or Warning.

Step 8: Click on OK two times and then close for saving the changes in the settings. Then, close the dialog.

So, these are the two methods that are important for you to follow in order to bring Ricoh printer online from offline.


How to Turn My Ricoh Printer Online from Offline?

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