How to Fix Epson Printer Filter Failed or Stopped on Mac Error?

Is there anyone who knows how to fix Epson printer filter failed or stopped on Mac error. If you have any idea then give us.

The frustrating filter failed epson printer Mac prevents your printer from printing crucial documents. Usually, the error appears when there is a driver issue with your printer. This suggests that a specific component of your printer isn't operating correctly.

The error, however, presents a challenge to the Mac user because it either stops the printer entirely from producing output or, if it does, has an incorrect print. Well, one cannot hold the driver solely accountable for the other. On your Mac devices, these printer errors can also be caused by other factors.

As a result, following several different kinds of research, we have created this article to inform you of the potential causes of this error and the workarounds that will effectively resolve it.

Why Does the Error "Epson Printer Filter Failed" Occur?

Driver Issue with a Printer: As was already mentioned, the primary cause of the error is the malfunctioning printer driver. This means that your Epson printer will display this error if your printer drivers become out-of-date or malfunction due to corruption. Therefore, in this instance, updating or reinstalling the driver can resolve the issue.

  • Inaccurate paper settings

This problem with your Epson printer will likely arise if your paper settings are set incorrectly. Therefore, to resolve this issue, you must adjust the paper settings.

  • Printer software issues 

This error message may appear on your Epson printer if there is a problem with the printer software. Thus, to resolve the issue, you will need to reinstall the software.

Now that you know the potential offenders, it's time to fix the Epson Printer Filter failed Mac error by following the detailed instructions.

  • Take the printer out of your Mac

The error on your Mac device may be due to a misaligned printer connection to your Mac system. Therefore, in this instance, you can resolve the error and the Epson printer offline issue by unplugging and reinstalling the printer on your Mac device. All you have to do for this is adhere to the instructions below:

  • Shut down the Epson printer.

  • Next, on the Mac PC, select the System Preferences tab.

  • Select your printer in the Print & Fax section after that.

  • Next, tap the "_" (underscore) icon to remove the printer from the list.

  • When asked for confirmation, remove the Epson printer from the list now.

  • In conclusion, press the "x" icon in the upper right corner to close the Print & Fax tab.

2. Check and Update Printer Drivers

If the printer driver is outdated, it will not function properly on the Mac system and interfere with all operations. To fix the issue in your case, you must first update the Epson printer driver on your Mac system.

  • To do so, adhere to these steps:

  • To open it, click the Applications menu, then select the Epson Software folder.

  • But if you don't already have it, download the Epson Software Updater:

  • Following the updater's download, select the Epson Firmware Update, tick the box, and then select Install.

  • Select Agree now to proceed.

  • Enter your username and password if needed.

  • To launch the updater, double-click the Epson Firmware updaters icon in the window that appears.

  • Select "I Agree" and press the "Next" button.

  • Click the Start button now, followed by the OK button.

  • Ensure that the firmware update software is finished.

  • Upon completion of the process, your printer will automatically restart.

  • Next, close the Epson Software Updater tool by clicking the Finish button.

  • If the issue is fixed, try printing on your Mac; if not, move on to the next fix.

3. Reinstall the Drivers For the Printer

If you cannot resolve the issue by updating the printer's driver, there may be an internal problem with the driver, driver bugs, or a malfunctioning driver. Reinstalling the driver will, therefore, assist you in quickly solving the issue. Reinstallation can be done by following these steps:

  • Give your Mac computer a restart.

  • Now, use your browser to go to Epson's official website.

  • Next, enter your printer's model on the supporting page and select OK.

  • Now, download the preferred driver from the printer's support window.

  • After downloading, add the driver to your Mac computer and install it.

  • Additionally, your printer is now ready to print.

The solutions in this article help you resolve the Epson filter failed Mac. If the error persists, get in touch with the Epson printer support centre and open a ticket outlining the issue. They will respond to you with the error-fixing instructions.


Epson Printer Filter Failed or Stopped on Mac Error:

The Epson printer filter failed because a rare event occurs when a user attempts to print a document with an Epson printer on an Apple device. The problem may appear out of nowhere on the device. It usually appears as a result of a problem with the printer driver software.

There are times when something goes wrong with the driver software or becomes corrupted, causing it to act unpredictably. As a result, Epson Printer Filter Failed or Stopped.

If you're looking for printer troubleshooting steps for the Epson filter failed printer problem, keep in mind that you'll need to get to the root of the situation to fix it properly.

The device driver is the source of the issue. So, deleting the previous one, downloading the most recent software from your Epson printer's official website, and activating it will help you address the Epson stopped, or filter failed problem.

Continue reading to learn more about how to resolve the Epson filter failed printer problem on Mac successfully.

How to Fix Epson Printer Filter Failed Error on Mac

The Epson Printer filter failed error message can be resolved by reinstalling the software for your device. When there are problems or bugs in the driver software, the printer's filter may stop or fail.

The problems in the software should be resolved when you reinstall it on your Mac. These bugs may not reappear after the reinstallation has been completed. As a result, the Epson printer's filter will not stop or fail.

You will proceed to the following subsection to learn Epson printer filter failed mac and more about installing it for the first time.

Attempt Fresh Installation of Epson Printer Software:

Step 1: You can reinstall the software if your Epson printer says the filter failed or stopped, as we mentioned earlier. This would ensure that the driver software is error-free. To fix the problem and reinstall the software, you should try a few troubleshooting steps.

Step 2: Turn off the printer. Then, take the following steps: Open System Preferences>Print & Fax.

Step 3: Select your printer's name and then click the "-" to remove it from the list.

Step 4: Select the option to remove your printer's name from the list and close the 'Print & Fax' window.

Step 5: After that, get to your hard drive. This is the path to take: Library->Printers. After that, delete the ‘Epson' folder.

Step 6: Return to your hard drive and follow the steps below: Library->Printers->PPD->Contents->Resources. Then, in the list that follows, look for the name of your printing device. Remove your Epson printer's name from the list once you've found it.

Step 7: Now, take the following path: Library->Cache. Delete the folder, namely ‘Epson’. When you're finished with this step, click the cross button on the top right-hand side of the window to close the hard drive window.

Step 8: Switch on your printer and restart your computer.

Step 9: Look up your printing machine's name on Epson official website and try to find the driver software for it. Download Epson printer driver once you've found it.

Step 10: Allow some time for the download to finish. When the file has finished downloading, please open it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 11: Make sure you follow the directions to the document. The work is almost finished once the installation is completed.

Step 12: Finally, check to see if the problem continues. Simply trying to get a print will tell you whether or not you've been able to solve the Epson printer filter failed problem. If you can print anything, that means that the issue has been settled.

On an Epson Printer, What does "Filter Failed" Mean?

The filter failed or stopped Epson printer error may mean that this part of your device isn't working. This may be caused by a problem with your Epson printer's driver software. The driver may have found bugs or issues in other cases.

These bugs may then be dealing with the printer's filter's operation. Your device may either offer no printing output or print incorrectly as long as this error remains unresolved.


Issues with printing, such as Epson printer filter failed on Mac Mojave, Sierra, or Ubuntu can cause serious problems, particularly if you need urgent prints for business purposes. If you have a technical problem with your printer, the best way to solve it is to fix it right away rather than putting it off for too long. Hopefully, the steps outlined above will solve the problem.


Fix Epson Filter Failed Mac Error:

The Epson printer filter failed error is quite annoying since it prevents the printing of essential papers. The error typically appears when there is a driver issue with your printer. This suggests that the specific component of your printer is malfunctioning.

What Leads to the Error Epson Printer Filter Failed?

The Driver for the Epson Printer is Damaged

As was already said, the malfunctioning printer's driver is the primary cause of the issue. Consequently, if your printer drivers become obsolete or stop working as a result of corruption, your Epson printer may display this error. Therefore, in this situation, upgrading or installing the driver may solve the issue.

Compatible Problem

These issues happen when an Epson printer doesn't fulfill the requirements of the system of your Mac OS. It implies that this error can also be attributed to problems with the printer's and your Mac's operating systems. Therefore, you can resolve the issue by downloading a compatible driver.

Epson Printer's Sharing Feature is Disabled

Your Epson printer's sharing option being disabled could be the root of this problem. In order to resolve the problem, you must enable the sharing options here.

The Wrong Paper Settings

You may experience this problem with your Epson printer if your paper options were set up incorrectly in some way. To remedy this unfavorable circumstance, you must change your paper settings.

Error-prone Printer Software

Your Epson printer may flash this message if there is a problem with the printer software, which could cause you problems. Therefore, in order to solve the issue, the software must be reinstalled.

Knowing the potential offenders, it is now time to fix the stopped filter failed Epson issue by following the detailed procedures. 

From Your Mac Device, Remove the Epson Printer.

If you are getting the error on your Mac device, it's possible that your printer also isn't properly connected to your Mac system.

Step 1: Your Epson printer should now be off.

Step 2: Next, on a Mac PC, select the System Preferences tab.

Step 3: Next, select your printer from those listed in the Print & Fax section.

Step 4: Next, click the "_" (underscore) symbol to remove the printer from the list.

Step 5: If requested for approval, now remove the Epson printer from your list.

Step 6: In order to leave the Print & Fax tab finally hit on the "x" button in the top right corner.

I sincerely hope the solutions provided in this post help you fix Epson filter failed mac issues. If the error persists, submit a support ticket describing the issue to the Epson printer center. They will contact you again with the solutions to the problem.



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How to Fix Epson Printer Filter Failed or Stopped on Mac Error?

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