How to Fix Sprocket 200 not Connecting via Bluetooth to iPhone?

Please let me know that how to fix Sprocket 200 not connecting via bluetooth to iphone. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Fix Sprocket 200 not Connecting via Bluetooth to iPhone:

Are you facing a problem when connecting via Bluetooth to iPhone, so here is the solution on how to fix Sprocket 200 not connecting via Bluetooth to iPhone? Follow the instructions below to fix it:

Reset the Sprocket Printer

You can initiate a factory reset by exploiting the steps below.

A factory reset can only be completed once the USB charging cable isn't connected to the printer.

Step 1: Hold the facility button for seven seconds in total. After three seconds, the standing crystal rectifier lightweight can be put off to point the printer's movement down; still hold the facility button till the crystal rectifier lights begin to flash.

Step 2: Unharness the facility button. The LEDs can continue blinking for about six seconds.

Step 3: Whereas the LEDs are blinking, pressing, and unharnessing the facility button. The device can stay off till you power on once more.

Step 4: Power on; the printers are reset to factorization settings. Although a factory reset, all settings are reset to factory defaults.

Connecting iPhone to Sprocket Printer via Bluetooth

Step 1: Press and hold the facility Button for three seconds to show on the printer. The crystal rectifier can flash white because the printer powers on and stays solid white once totally battery-powered.

Step 2: Open iPhone Settings and choose Bluetooth. flip Bluetooth on and so choose the printer from the listed devices.

Step 4: Next, launch the sprocket app. See ‘Installing Mobile App’ for additional data.

  • A reminder message can seem if you are attempting to print a photograph and aren't paired together with your HP printer.
  • If your mobile device and printer won't try, attempt resetting the printer. Only 1 iOS device will try with the printer at a time. To share the printer, put off Bluetooth and permit somebody else to try.

Previously paired Bluetooth accessories like Apple AirPods would possibly interfere with the initial discovery of the Sprocket. Unpair the accent from the Bluetooth menu of your device before initial pairing it together with your Sprocket. The accent will then be paired once more when the Sprocket is connected.

From Your Mobile Device, Open the HP Sprocket App.

  • Tap the Menu icon, Tap sprocket, and so tap Manage Printers.
  • A list of accessible Sprockets displays.
  • In case your Sprocket displays: The Sprocket is connected.
  • In case your Sprocket doesn't display: Tap Add New Printer, and so tap the name of your Sprocket.
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How to Fix Sprocket 200 not Connecting via Bluetooth to iPhone?

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