How to Connect iPhone to HP Printer?

Hello, I am trying to connect my iPhone to HP printer, but its not connecting to HP printer by iPhone. Please give any about what to for connecting iPhone to HP printer.


Connect iPhone to HP Printer

We all are a part of the modern world. Things have become easier and simpler in several areas of life. One of those areas is the area of printing where you no longer have to be dependent on the conventional ways of printing that is by using a computer system.

Now, with the use of advanced technology, you can connect your wireless printer to your iPhone. Here are some of the methods that you can use to connect iPhone to HP Printer.

Method 1: Connect iPhone to HP Printer Using Airprint

Airprint applications enable you to print high quality documents. The things that you are going to require to print documents using Airprint are third generation iPod or iPhone 3GS. Moreover, you are going to require a printer that is compatible with AirPrint having the latest firmware.This functionality of AirPrint is the same in all the iOS smartphones. Which is why it is very easy to use this software.

Step 1: Link it to the Wireless Network

If you want to use the AirPrint method, then that can only be done if your printer and iPhone are connected to the same wireless network. You need to keep in mind that there can be a number of networks in the office settings and enabling the AirPrint is completely dependent on the printer. In order to get the detailed instructions, you must go through the printer manual or check the manufacturer’s website regarding how you can connect to the wireless network.

Step 2: Select the Printer i.e. Your HP Printer

Launch the AirPrint application and check whether there is a connection between your printer and iPhone or not. The AirPrint supported application can be Evernote, Safari, or Mail. These apps have an icon similar to that of the reply e-mail. Now, click on print and your printer will be selected as the default device. If it doesn’t get selected as the default printer, then you can use your iPhone to scan all the printers that are nearby.This is an important step to connect iPhone to HP printer.

Step 3: Select the Number of Copies

After, you are done with how to connect iPhone to HP printer, tap on the button of subtraction and addition to choose the number of copies that you wish to print. The minimum copies that you can print is one and maximum is 99. You can also come to know about different color options that you are available with and the type of pages that you wish to print in case there are a lot of pages.

Step 4: Print

After choosing the printer and the number of pages that you wish to print, then you can move to the top right vertex of the page. You can view the status of printing and cancel the print by going to the home button. After that, go to the print center in the app switcher and then finally tap on cancel printing.

Method 2: Print by Using E-mail

You can print at any time and any place in the world by sending a document or a file in an e-mail to your HP printer’s assigned e-mail. This process is also known by the name of HP e-print. The process is easier and straightforward in comparison to other methods. All you have to do is to send an e-mail from your iOS smartphone to your HP printer. This method does not work with every printer model but it works with various models.

Step 1: If your HP printer is an e-mail compatible printer, then the first function that you need to perform is to activate the function of e-mail.

Step 2: Once the e-mail is activated, then all you have to do is to send an e-mail of the document from the iPhone to the printer and the document will get printed automatically. Now, the file will print in default specifications.

This is how you can connect iPhone to HP printer. We hope that this article helps you in solving your problem.

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How to Connect iPhone to HP Printer?

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