How do I Get My Epson Printer to Print Double Sided?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i get my Epson printer to print double sided. I have no idea about hat how to print double side in Epson printer. Help me.

Get My Epson Printer to Print Double Sided:

Epson printer is a multifunctional printer that works on inkjet printing technology. Epson printer printing speed on black printout is 27 pages per minute and on color printing is 15 page per minute. Epson printer accepts A4, A5, A6, B5 page size for printing. Epson printer has very fast USB 2.0 Port.

For printing command, you need to put paper in paper tray and give command using your computer easily. But there are many setting which you can set to customize your printing page like you can set margin of the print, you want print in portrait mode or landscape mode and you can print the page in both sides.

Here We are Explaining Step by Step Solutions for Epson Two Sided Printing.

Set Epson Two Sided Printing Settings for Window:

You can print the page on double side by selecting option 2-sided printing option. You have to check the checkbox to enable double side printing ON Epson printer.

Note: some options might be disabledd or unavailable depending upon the setting which you have done earlier like suppose if you have set the setting for printing page one sides permanently, in this case you will be unable to see this options or there might be a chance of not getting this option if you are accessing this product on the network.

  1. First, you need to select 2-sided printing check box.
  2. If the auto check box is not selected automatically to do the following steps to do it.
  3. You need to select the auto check box to do automatically print your double sided printing job.
  4. You need to deselect the auto check box to print your double sided printing job manually by first printing one side then you need to flip the paper over to print other side.
  5. There after click the setting button.
  6. In the setting window, you need to select left-long edge option for double-side printing .
  7. Now you need to click on OK button to return to the main tab.
  8. Now you need to click on print density button where you can adjust your print density by scrolling the cursor in the forward or back side or you can increase ink drying time, and adjust it as per your desire.
  9. You can also select which type of document you are printing like text, text and graphics, text and photo, user defined.
  10. You need to click on the OK to return tab.
  11. Print a copy of your double sided document to test your setting which you have done so far.
  12. You need to follow onscreen instructions which will be displayed during printing.

Select Epson Double Side Printing Setting for OS X:

You can print both side by selecting two sided printing option from the popup menu which is located at the print window. Some options might be disabling or not displaying as per you setting which you have done earlier or you are accessing this product over network.

  1. First you select two side printing option.
  2. Thereafter select the type of document you are printing as the document type setting. This software sets the adjustment option for document type automatically.
  3. If it is required, you can customize your two sided printing setting like you can set your print density, select document and which type of two-sided- printing you want.
  4. Print the test copy for double sided print by sending print command to your printer to check your settings which you have done so far.
  5. Follow onscreen instruction which displays on screen during printing.

Troubleshooting Tips for Epson Printer Not Printing Double Sided:

If Epson printer not printing double sided, you need to check your Epson printer driver. You need to make sure the printer driver is installed on your computer or not. You have to make sure to check select the option 2-sided-printing option. If driver is outdated, you need to update your printer driver. You should also check the connectivity of your computer with Epson printer etc.

Some time user is not able to see the 2-sided printing option, which is necessary for duplex printing. So enable this option, you need to click on advanced button which is situated next to the printer name which brings the operating system interface popup for the printer and set the printer option for 2-sided-printing.

Suppose you are printing with both side options, on the second-page text is print at the bottom side. To resolve this issue, when you are going to send print command to your printer that will popup along the bottom of there will be button to press. If you click printer button thereafter select layout option. That time you want to choose 2 sided printing, you should choose short edge binding option.


Epson Printer to Print Double-Sided:

You can print on both sides of the paper by choosing one of the 2-Sided Printing choices on the Main menu.

Some options might be pre-selected and unavailable depending on other settings you have selected or if you are using the product more than a network.

Selecting Double-sided Printing Settings on Windows10 and 11:

Auto (Long-edge binding) 

To print your double-sided print job, choose Auto (Long-edge binding), which will instantly flip the paper on the long edge.

Auto (Short-edge binding) 

To print  Epson Printer to Print Double Sided job, choose Auto (Short-edge binding), which will automatically flip the paper on the short edge.

Manual (Long-edge binding)

Printing one side of your double-sided print job manually (long-edge binding), then requesting you to turn the paper over to publish the other side (recommended for paper types that do not support automatic duplexing).

Manual (Short-edge binding) 

To manually publish your double-sided print job (short-edge binding), print one side before being prompted to flip its paper onto the short edge to print another side (recommended for paper types that do not support automatic duplexing).

Selecting Double-sided Printing Settings on Mac

Step 1: By choosing Two-sided Printing Settings from the pop-up menu on the print window, you may print on both of the paper's sides.

Step 2: Choose one of the choices for two-sided printing.

Step 3: Choose the Document Sort setting to reflect the type of document you are printing. For that particular document type, the system automatically selects the Adjustments settings.

Step 4: Adjust the Adjustments settings as directed on the screen, if needed.

Step 5: To verify the settings, print a test copy of your double-sided document.

Step 6: Any directions are shown on the screen when it should follow printing.



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How do I Get My Epson Printer to Print Double Sided?

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