How do I Connect My Epson l3060 to WiFi?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i connect my Epson l3060 to wifi. I am trying to connect it but fail every time. I don't know how to fix Epson l3060 to wifi issue. Help me.

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Connect Epson L3060 Printer to WiFi:

The Epson L3060 printer has been intentionally planned to provide a long-term printing solution. Another highlight of the Epson L3060 printer is that it is a three-in-one printer, meaning it can print, copy, scan, and generate borderless photo printing.

Lastly, it comes with a typical one-year warranty which extends to three years if the service contract is a promotional warranty.

In What Way to Launch a Wireless Epson L3060 Printer with the WiFi Setup Wizard?

Individuals employ the Epson l3060 WiFi Setup wizard to join devices to a router or access point. This method resolves this problem by showing you how to choose the SSID (Service Set Identifier) and recording the password for your network.

If you wish to connect Epson L3060 printer to WiFi network, then implement the following steps:

Step 1 - Enter Epson l3060 wifi setup menu by following one of the methods below depending on your printer. If necessary, press the button to return to the home screen.

Access the Epson l3060 WiFi Setup menu by sticking to one of the procedures given below (subject to your printer.) When needed, press the button to go back to the home screen.

  • First of all, choose the Epson l3060 printer wifi setup.
  • Apply the forward or backward buttons to choose WI-FI Setup before clicking the OK button.
  • Press the Up or Down buttons to choose WI-FI Setup before clicking the OK button.
  • To begin with, pat the uppermost right spot of the LCD screen. After that, tap Wi-Fi Setup.

Step 2- Choose Wi-Fi Setup Wizard.

Step 3- Pick out your SSID (name of your Wi-Fi network) from the catalog.

Step 4- Now Enter your network password.

Step 5- Wait for this screen then press OK.

Step 6- Your printer has been connected to Wi-Fi successfully.

Epson L3060 printer boasts of cartridge-free printing. It is an exceptionally low-cost and stress-free printing resolution for active family units on the lookout for a small-scale but compact three-in-one printer along with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct.

This neat little inkjet printer comes with two years amount of ink (in the box) which can lessen the printing budgets by approximately 90%. It has a sophisticated Micro Piezo printhead and unadulterated Epson ink that provides consistently good quality printing. This printer is upheld by a service contract (for printing complications.)

Additionally, Epson L3060 printer can bring down printing budgets by nearly 90%. It contains high-yield ink containers that can print a maximum of 13,000 pages in black and 6,500 pages in colour. This calculation indicates that your printing cost per page will be very low.

Epson L3060 Printing Without Cartridges-

To exhaust one's supply of ink can be an exasperating experience. Even if you have a plentiful supply of ink, it is time-consuming to replace a cartridge. If your establishment is full of activity and is dependent on your printer, then there's a straightforward solution.

This Epson printer encloses a high-capacity and simple-refill ink tank apparatus that eliminates the demand for cartridges. Besides, it has a sufficient quantity of ink to last for two years.

Petite Printer Needing Little Effort-

With Epson L3060 printer, printing is effortless as it doesn't require a lot of attention. This convenience is attributable to its ink tank system, which has been thoroughly assimilated and is uncomplicated to organize. It is also a scaled-down version of a printer, meaning that one can easily install it in homes without needing much effort.

Well-equipped for Mobile Printing-

Set up with Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct, the Epson L3060 printer can print documents from smartphones and tablets with the help of the free of charge Epson iPrint4 app. Believe it or not, it can even accept files from any place in the world using Epson Email Print4.

Words of Advice-

The SSID register is ranked according to signal strength. Therefore, the nearest wireless network must occupy the uppermost spot in the listing.

  • Write down the password for your SSID with the printer's control panel.

  • Open out the section (Entering SSID Password) underneath for typing in the password.
  • In case a Confirm Settings screen appears on the printer, obey the on-screen instructions.
  • Subject to the printer model, the network connection will commence minus a confirm settings screen.
  • When a Setup Complete message comes into view, it means that the Wi-Fi setup process has successfully concluded.


How to Connect Epson l3060 to WiFi Network


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