How to do Double Sided Scanning on Epson Printer?

I simply want to know IF my Epson WF-3720 is capable of double-sided scanning. So that I am correct in my use of this term, I mean I'd like to be able to load double-sided documents into the automatic document feeder and have the scanner scan both sides of each page.

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Fix Epson Workforce Pro wf-3720 Double-Sided Scanning:

Let’s See How to do Double Sided Scanning on Epson wf-3720-

We can print on both sides of the page automatically by using the product built-in duplexer. Once you load your pages in the automatic document feeder, you can easily scan, copy as well as fax double-sided documents. If you want to print on both sides of the paper, first load the plain paper and after that choose the option two-sided printing.

To scan a double-sided document in ADF, first press the Scan button and then choose the Scanning method. If you have chosen “Scan to PC” option then press the Menu button and choose Scan Settings. After that, you have to select two-sided settings.

On the other hand, if you are using Epson Scan Software then you have to choose ADF-Double sided as the Document Source. If still, you are facing any problem while scanning double-sided scanning on Epson WF-3720 printer then contact Epson Printer.

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Epson wf-3720 Double Sided Scanning-

Hi Stew (or any other Epson user) - did you try this suggestion and did it work? I'm thinking of buying the same model

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Double Sided Scanning on Epson Printer:

If you wish to know how to scan double-sided documents on the Epson printer, then here you will get all the necessary information you need to know about the same. There are three ways to scan a double-sided document.

One is by using a flatbed option. The second one is by using the sheetfed option and the last one is overhead. Here in this solution, we are going to discuss how to do double-sided scanning on the Epson printer.

When we talk about a sheetfed scanner, it can either be a simplex or duplex scanner. Now, let's see how to scan the front and back of a document in case of both the scanners.

How to Scan Both Sides of a Document Using a Simplex Scanner?

Scanning each of the sides of the document using simplex scanners can turn out to be very time-consuming and inconvenient but at the same time, double-sided scanning is possible.

Step 1: Place the documents in the scanner and allow it to process.

Step 2: The images of the document will be captured by the scanner and in case the pages are double-sided, then you can save them on any folder on your computer.

Step 3: Now, reverse the document to scan the other side and allow your Epson printer to begin with the scanning process.

Step 4: Save the document in the form of a PDF file once the scanning process gets completed.

Step 5: After that, use the PDF interleave option for the rearrangement of documents.

Step 6: The pages are going to get arranged and each side is going to get scanned.

So, these were all the steps that you must carry out to do two-sided scanning using a simplex scanner.  

How to Scan Both Sides of the Document Using a Duplex Scanner?

Scanning both the sides using a duplex scanner is very convinient and easy as it has been manufactured in a way to capture each side of the sheet in one pass.

Step 1: Place the paper in the feeder.

Step 2: Go to the manual of the manufacturer and look at the configuration settings of your scanner. Also, choose the option of two-sided scanning.

After that, the scanner will use two lenses to read each side of the page simultaneously.

So, this is all you need to know how to do double-sided scanning on Epson printer.

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