Hp Printer Printing Double Vision

I have an Hp deskjet ink advantage printer at home and it was working fine for few months but recently the printed document has double vision issue with it. I do not know the reason behind it, although I have reset and changed the cartridge, nothing helped. If anyone here knows the reason please help.

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Answer - 1

If your HP Printer is printing double vision then instead of getting worried, just check these bulletined points -

  • First of all, you have to open Apps screen, for this just press the Windows + Q keys simultaneously. Once Apps screen gets opened, go to search box and typeHP”.

  • Next, select your printer from the list and head towards HP Solution Center.
  • Tap on Settings and then choose “Printer Toolbox” from the Print Settings. After this, move to the Devices Services tab and tap on “Align the Print Cartridges”. Then click on “Print Page” option.

  • At last, just follow on-screen prompts to finish the wizard.

Additional Troubleshooting Measure for HP Printer Double Vision –

If still, your HP Printer is printing double vision you must check this procedure -

  • Press a double click on HP printer icon that is located in the system tray. After this, navigate to “Toolbox” tab.
  • Move to left-pane of window and tap on Status link. After this, scroll mouse cursor to Status menu and tap on “Print Info Pages” link.
  • In the next step, you have to click on blue “Print” button that is located in the right pane (near to Configuration Page heading). Now check if “L” shaped bars are overlapping on the print page.
  • If the L bars are not overlapping then you need to contact HP Printer because there exist the extensive mechanical problem that can be only fixed by professionals.
  • If the "L" bars are overlapping then go back to Tools tab. After this, tap on the model number of your HP Printer and then click on “Device Settings” option.
  • Select Print Quality option and then tap on “Calibrate” button that is located on right-pane. Now a new window will appear on the screen, just click on OK and wait for a couple of minutes until alignment calibration process gets complete.
  • Print a document and check if your HP printer is printing properly and see if the alignment is still off. If alignment is incorrect then repeat calibrating because sometimes HP printer needs to be calibrated more than one time so that alignment can resolve.
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Answer - 2

Fix HP Printer Printing Double Vision:

The reason for your HP printer to print double-vision print could be attributed to a faulty calibration or may be an internal software glitch. I will discuss a few troubleshooting techniques to resolve the problem of HP printer double printing here, kindly follow them carefully:

1. Check your Print Settings: The print settings a very important role in making sure how does the printed paper comes out, so open the HP solution center software application which you got along with the printer.

Go to its print settings, check if the print size, resolution, color are on-par with your paper dimensions.

2. Use the Right Dimension of Papers: The printing paper you use in your printer should be specified as per your machine guidance as otherwise, issues like misalignment and double vision may occur. Also, make sure your paper tray is functioning properly.

3. Re-calibrate the print-head: The calibration function in your printer machine is to make sure the print or ink on the paper falls in its place to give you a clean and smooth print-out. Due to software snag or maybe a change in settings the calibration might have reset.

So open your Hp software on your computer and go to its toolbar, there under the print settings you will find an option for calibration, use to align the text and save the settings. Print a sample page to see if the issue is the resolve of HP printer double vision.

4. Reset Your Printer: If any of the above-mentioned steps did not resolve the issue, then chances are some internal software conflict might have occurred. In this kind of scenarios, we recommend the user to Reset their printer machine to default factory settings. This will ensure that any problem arising due to a faulty setting will be wiped out and you would be able to reset your settings as per your needs.

Hopefully, these options helped you in resolving the double vision problem with HP printer, in case you have any further doubts or queries regarding HP printer double printing then feel free to reply back and I will try to help you out.

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