Epson Printer Printing Double Letters

I have an Epson L130 at home and it works fine but from last 2-3 days it has been printing double letters for some reasons I do not know. I have checked the cartridges and inkhead and everything seems to be fine with it. I have also tried a hard reset but nothing helped. Can anyone here help me resolve the issue?

  •   Mick
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  • lay  3 years ago
Answer - 1

Epson Printer Printing Double Letters:

If your Epson printer is printing double characters then you have to check these troubleshooting measures:

Cancel Print Jobs –

Sometimes, a print job gets stuck due to a number of reasons. At that time, you should do a simple thing i.e., cancel all print jobs. If your Epson printer is still printing garbage text then perform a hard shut down on your Epson Printer that is accomplished by pressing the Power Off button.

If you are unable to perform a hard shut down on printer then disconnect the printer from the power supply as a last resort.

Re-Send Print Jobs –

Once your Epson printer stopped printing double characters then restore the power supply and connect print the page again. If still, your Epson printer is printing double characters then send a different print job.

By doing this, you will understand the problem is related to the file or the communication between printer and computer.

Re-Install Latest Epson Printer Driver –

Corrupted drivers may be the main reason behind printing double characters, so you have to reinstall Epson printer driver. Go to the printer’s manufacturer website and downloads the latest drivers by visiting the Downloads section.

Before installing the new driver, first, remove the previous one and go ahead. After reinstalling printer driver, send the original print jobs and check if your Lexmark printer is printing properly.

Replace USB Cable -

After reinstalling the Epson printer, if the problem continues then you should replace USB cable because a broken USB cable can corrupt the print jobs. By replacing USB cable can eliminate printing issue that you are facing currently.

If still, Epson printer is not printing letters properly then there is some problem with printer’s internal memory.

I hope these measures will help you to evade the Epson printer printing double letters issue.

  •   Noel
  • lay  3 months ago
Answer - 2

Fix Epson Printer Printing Double Vision:

It is extremely easy to fix double letters printing with Epson printer as you have to adjust print heads.

Let's see how -

Step 1 - For adjust Epson printer’s printheads, press Windows and W keys to open the Settings panel. (applicable only in Win 10) 

Note:  If your Epson printer is not working properly  before you need to check it.

Step 2 - Now, you have to select “Devices & Printers” from the displaying results. If not displying then install Epson printer drivers free online.

Step 3 - Press right click on Epson printer and then choose Printing Preference > Maintenance tab.

Step 4 - Tap on the Head Cleaning button and when you are prompted, just click on Start to clean printhead nozzles. Once the nozzles head gets cleaned, tap on Finish button and then go back to Maintenance tab

Step 5 - Finally, click on the Print Head Alignment button and then follow onscreen instructions.

While fixing Epson printer printing double letters printout if you get stuck at any point then please revert back.

  •   James
  • lay  3 months ago