How to Fix Canon Printer Error E05 on Windows PC?

Please let me know how to fix Canon printer error E05 on Windows pc. I am facing some error e05 on Windows while using printer. Help me.

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Fix Canon Printer Error E05 on Windows PC:

Canon printer error E05 typically manifests itself if the ink cartridge is filthy, improperly installed, or incompatible with your printer. Whenever a printer is not used for a longer length of time, dried ink develops internally and causes dirtiness. If you follow these simple instructions, you can solve the Canon Printer Error E05 on Windows PC. 

Fixing Canon Printer Error E05 on a Windows Computer

Here are some fixes for Canon Printer Error E05 on Windows PC that occurs when using a Canon printer. I advise that you implement these fixes in the order that I've listed them.

  1. Restart your printer.
  2. Printer factory reset.
  3. Reinstalled the cartridge, then clean it.
  4. Ink cartridges should be changed.

I'll go into further detail about these methods and respond to any inquiries you might have about this problem.

Restart Your Printer

Resetting the printer is the first step in troubleshooting Canon printer problem E05. Press and hold the Stop button while the printer is ON for about 5 seconds or till it begins restarting.

You can now try the printer once again to determine whether the problem still exists after allowing it to completely restart. Continue with the following method if you continue to get error E05.

Printer Factory Reset

A factory reset returns the printer, like most other devices, to its initial default settings. If a misconfiguration is the root of the E05 issue, factory resetting your Canon printer will resolve it. This is how you do it:

  • Go to the menu bar option after turning on your Canon printer. Use the arrow keys to get to the Setup menu.
  • Navigate to Device settings after that, then click OK. Finally, select Reset and afterward select OK.
  • After the printer has finished the factory reset, check to see if the issue has been resolved.

Install the Cartridge again and clean It

The cartridge is in charge of reading commands given to the printer. Particles may develop in your printer, if you use it frequently or perhaps occasionally, and result in the error you are currently witnessing. To avoid such problems, it is a good idea to clean the ink cartridge frequently.

Turn off the printer, set it down on a flat surface, then open the lid to get the ink cartridge for your Canon printer. An installation of an ink cartridge can be found here. The two click-locks on the side of the cartridge holder can be alternately pressed with your fingers. The ink cartridge is now simple to remove as an outcome.

Next, look inside the ink cartridge for any dirt, dried ink, dust, or other objects which can hinder it. The golden metallic strip on the front of the cartridges should be cleaned with a soft tissue or lint-free substance to remove any blocking debris.

You can now reinstall the ink cartridges you previously removed or restart the printer once removing the particles.

Ink Cartridge Replacement

Another method to resolve the E05 problem on your Canon printer is to replace the ink cartridge. This may be the case if the installed ink cartridge is damaged or if you're using the incorrect one.

You need to go to an appliance store and get new ink cartridges for your printer after all other options have failed.

What does Canon Printer Error Code E05 Mean?

The Canon printer error code E05 appears when the ink cartridge is filthy, incompatible with your printer, and improperly positioned.

How do I Clean an Ink Absorber from a Canon?

The steps to cleaning your Canon ink absorber are as follows:

  • Disconnect the printer's power.
  • Allow the cartridge cradle to be in the center of the printing unit when you open the printer.
  • Use a paper towel or other soft material to soak up the extra ink.
  • Remove the ink absorber pad(s) from the frame by pulling it away from the printer.
  • Close the printer after replacing the ink absorber pads.

How do I Fix Problems with my Canon Printer?

The first step in troubleshooting issues on your Canon printer has been a simple reset. Press and hold the Power button for 10 seconds to accomplish this. Based on the printer model, this button may be labeled Stop, Reset, and Resume.

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