How to Fix the Another Computer Is Using the Printer Error on Windows 10 & 11?

Please let me know that how to fix the another computer is using the printer error on Windows 10 & 11. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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  • February 14, 2024
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Fix the “Another Computer Is Using the Printer” Error on Windows 10 & 11:

For many users, printing papers and pictures is necessary. Some users' printers, however, are unable to print upon receiving a Microsoft Windows message that appears that states,Another Computer Is Using the Printer” Error on Windows 10 & 11.Users have reported that when they choose to print in Windows applications packages, this error message appears.

This error message implies that the printer cannot print because another machine is currently using it. However, the issue also occurs for home users who don't share their printers over organisation networks with other computers. On Windows 10 and 11, you can use this method to resolve the "Another computer involves employing the printer" problem.

Launch the Printer Again

Step 1: One easy potential solution worth a shot is restarting the printer. Applying this fix can free the printer from a previous request that has the printer trapped. Therefore, try turning off your printing device for a few moments and then turning it back on to discover if it helps.
Step 2: Uncheck "Allow Window to Take Control of My Recommended Printer"

When activated, the option Let Windows control my default printer makes the most recent printer used the default. If the printer you're trying to print to isn't configured as the default, this may lead to problems.

This Setting can be Disabled as Follows:

Step 1: Click the Start menu button with the right mouse button and choose Search.

Step 2: Enter the search term “printers & scanners” in the search box.

Step 3: The Settings section will open when you choose Printers & Scanners.

Step 4: Click the toggle button next to Allow Windows for controlling my default printer to disable that setting.

On Windows, You can Print Once, Then Print Again.

For the many customers who can't afford to lose printed functionality, getting rid of the "Another computer is printing from the printer" error is crucial. Thankfully, many customers were able to repair that printing problem using the probable Windows 11/10 remedies discussed here.

Applying them should resolve the problem on your computer with Windows, allowing you to resume printing at will.

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  •   September 12, 2023