Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317 – Fuser Wrap jam Error

Please let me know that Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317 – Fuser Wrap jam Error. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317:

Are you encountering the annoying Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317? If so, a fuser wrap jam is the likely cause. There are some potential causes for this error, but the fuser assembly becoming clogged with paper is the most frequent one.

Remove the stuck paper from the fuser assembly, then restart the printer to resolve this issue. Here, we'll walk you through diagnosing the Fuser Wrap Jam Error and getting it fixed quickly. You can attempt to restart the printer as a first step and immediately determine whether it was successful.

What Leads to the M2-1317 Samsung Printer Error Code?

Fuser Wrap Jam Error has the error number m2-1317. It suggests that the printer's fuser wrap has jammed. The fuser wrap can get stuck for some reasons, such as

  • Too hefty or thick of paper for the printer.
  • The printer jammed up with paper.
  • A piece of paper or a pen that is not of this world has become lodged in the printer.
  • It's an unreliable fuser wrap.

Steps for Troubleshooting Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317

If your printer displays an M2-1317 error, the fuser wrap is malfunctioning. There are many possible causes for this error, but the most frequent is a paper clog. To resolve this error, go to the below troubleshooting methods.

Check for Paper Jams

Checking for paper jams should be your first step in troubleshooting this situation. Look inside your printer to see if any paper fragments are lodged in the fuser assembly. If you discover any, gently remove them before attempting to print again. Follow these instructions to resolve Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317.

Verify the printer for paper jams or other obstructions.

Remove any paper jams you find, then try printing again.

Open the printer's top cover and check the interior for any loose toner or other debris if you cannot locate a paper jam or other obstruction. Try printing once more after cleaning up any loose toner or other debris.

Make the Fuser Assembly Clean

Cleaning the fuser assembly comes next if there are no paper jams. To accomplish this, use a delicate cloth that has been soaked in distilled water. Cleanse all of the rollers and the assembly's other components gently. After you're done, let the assembly air dry or dry it with a fresh towel. Verify the Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317's success.

Switch Out the Fuser Assembly

If cleaning it does not solve the issue, you might need to replace the fuser component. A brand-new fuser assembly is available from Samsung or a Samsung-approved dealer. Printer Reset: You can try resetting the printer if all else fails. To accomplish this, unplug it for at least 20 seconds, then plug it back in. With any luck, this will restart the printer and resolve Samsung Printer Error Code M2-1317.

Verify That the Printer is Properly Levelled

Printers are made to work optimally on a level surface. Printing issues may arise if your printer needs to be level. Check the front and back of the printer with a level. The platen and printhead carriage ought to be parallel. The rollers used to feed paper should be parallel to one another. You will need to adjust your printer if it isn't level. Look for the levelling screws on the printer's base to do this. To level the printer, loosen the screws and move it. Retighten the screws after that.


1 How Can a Jammed Fuser Wrap Be Fixed?

Ensure the printer is off and unplugged before attempting to unjam the paper from the fuser assembly. After that, remove any interior loose paper by opening the printer's front cover. The fuser assembly should then be located and carefully removed from the printer. Find and remove the stuck piece of paper after removing the fuser assembly. Reinstall the fuser assembly, then close the printer's front cover.

2 How Can a Samsung Printer Be Reset?

It would help if you restart your Samsung printer to fix the M2-1317 Samsung Printer Error Code. Switch off the printer and disconnect it for 30 seconds to accomplish this. Plug your Samsung printer back in and turn it on after 30 seconds. Now that it has been reset, your printer ought to be usable.

3 How may a Fuser Error be cleared?

According to the Samsung printer error code M2-1317, the fuser unit has an issue. The fuser unit heats the toner to fuse to the paper. The print quality may degrade, or printing may not even be possible if the fuser device malfunctions. You can try a few different things to fix a fuser problem on your Samsung printer.

First, ensure the printer is removed from the power source and switched off.

Locate the fuser unit by first removing the printer's front cover.

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