How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code TS-02?

Please let me know that how to troubleshoot Brother printer error code TS-02. I am facing some issues in this. Help me.

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Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code TS-02:

Syncing your computer and Brother printer in wireless mode can improve the overall printing experience but in this attempt to effectively use the Brother printer, you may get to witness the Brother Printer Error Code TS-02 issue. This quick guide comes with key inputs to help you fix this in a swift and smarter way.   

What Brother Printer Error Code TS-02 is all About?

Brother Printer Error Code TS-02 gets reflected when the WLAN access point or your router can’t get recognized with the MAC address of your Brother printer. This ultimately is an indicator of the fact that your Brother printer cannot be detected by the system when you are venturing out to sync your Brother printer with your computer.

Real Causes of This all Different Brother Printer Error

Before you manage your resources to troubleshoot Brother Printer Error Code TS-02 it is pertinent to know the possible causes of this very different kind of error.

  1. When system files of Windows become damaged, there may materialize an unwanted scenario for you to witness the Brother Printer Error TS-02.  
  2. Even when system file entries are corrupted owing to some malicious virus you are likely to see this specific Brother TS-02 error.  
  3. When due to some unavoidable reasons your Brother printer doesn’t get installed completely you might see this problem again. This may also happen when you have uninstalled your Brother printer.
  4. Inadvertent or deliberate deletion of hardware or applications from the system might also pave the way for this issue.

The Interactive Troubleshooting Procedure 

Step 1 - To begin troubleshooting make sure the WLAN Access Point or your Wi-Fi router is powered on.   

Step 2 - Now try to connect to the internet using the wireless router to verify that your WLAN Access Point or your router is working in the desired way.

Step 3 - Here you have to position your Brother printer in an area that is free from obstructions and is in the vicinity of the prevailing internet network of the given WLAN Access Point.

Step 4 - Now attempt to execute the application of your Brother printer in the coverage area of 1 meter or 3.3 feet from the WLAN Access Point.

Step 5 - In case the WLAN Access Point or the router is accepted by the MAC address filtering, please note and ensure that the MAC address of your Brother printer is permitted within the filter.

Step 6 - Moving on, you have to keep in mind that your Brother printer will use radio frequencies and signals in the 4GHz range. And, if your system is allowing the 5GHz range then there is a fair chance that the Brother Printer TS-02 error may get displayed.

Step 7 - So, for this, you must use the Setup Wizard again from the Control Panel of your Brother Printer.

Step 8 - Now commit punching in the correct SSID and security-related credentials in the device followed by re-confirming these details.

Step 9 - As and when the process gets accomplished give your Brother printer a restart and check whether troubleshooting Brother TS-02 error is successful.

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