Why is My Printer Printing Blank Pages? (Fixed)

You just finished your typing work and as you hit the print button you see your printer producing blank prints. This problem is called printer printing blank pages. This issue can arise due to various reasons. You may see blank prints because of improper installation of cartridges. You may also encounter this error because of driver-related issues. Selecting the wrong size of paper may also cause this error to occur. 

This issue may also arise because of dislodged cartridges. Are you also bothered by this technical complication? Worry not as here you will read out multiple ways to resolve this issue. So, let's get started. 

What leads to Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages? 

 There might be many reasons for the Canon printer to print blank pages. These reasons are-

  • The hardware and Printer drivers might be having any issues.

  • Problems regarding installation.

  • Cartridge issues.

  • Low ink levels.

  • Vacuum blockages in your printer.

  • The software might be corrupted.

  • The issue can be fixed with the help of the following ways-

  • Update the firmware regularly. An updated firmware will enhance the performance and remove bugs.

  • Keep the settings and paper in check. It is important to check whether you are using the correct size and type of paper, as mentioned in the settings. Adjust the paper properly to avoid printing errors.

  • Try updating the printer drivers. The outdated printing drivers can create printing problems. You can go to the official website of the Canon printer and download the latest printer driver.

  • Use an original Canon cartridge. If you do not want to compromise the quality of the prints, then use a genuine Canon cartridge. General and refilled cartridges will not ensure the quality.

  • Make sure that the cartridges have been installed properly in their respective slots. The improperly positioned cartridges can cause printing problems. Adjust them in their correct position.

  • The clogged print head also leads to the printing of blank pages. Try unclogging the print head with the help of the cleaning utility that comes with your printer.

  • Always keep your ink levels in check. A low supply of ink in the cartridge prints blank pages.

How to Fix a Printer From Printing Blank Pages?

Below are the different solutions that you can try out to fix the problem of printers printing blank pages. 

1) Do preliminary checking

  • Make sure your printer is placed on a flat surface as wrong placement of the printer can cause printing issues. 

  • Please ensure that you are using the ink cartridges supplied by the manufacturer. The use of non-genuine ink cartridges can also cause the printer printing blank pages issue.

  • The paper you use for your printing work must meet the paper specifications of your printer. 

  • Check layout, orientation and paper size. 

2) Restart your printer

This is a common solution that can help you resolve most of the technical problems. Open your printer and take out the cartridges. Now, disconnect your printer from the power source and remove other wires that are connected to your printer machine. Wait for a while and then reconnect your printer to the power source. Install the cartridges again and then try to print a document. 

3) Align the printer cartridges

Misalignment of ink cartridges can also lead to printer printing blank pages issue. To troubleshoot this issue, below is the step-by-step guide that you need to follow. 

Step 1: Power on your printer and load a stack of paper. After that, go to the HP Solution Center. Then, go to Settings and then select Print Settings. 

Step 2: After that go to the option of Printer Toolbox. 

Now, a window will appear before you. There, you need to go to the tab of device services and select the option of Align print cartridges. Then, you need to carry out all the instructions appearing on the screen. 

4) Run the printer troubleshooter

If the above solutions don't help you get rid of the printer printing blank pages issue, then try running the Windows printer troubleshooter. 

Step 1: Go to the Start menu, select Settings and then go to Update and Security. 

Step 2: Select Printer from Get up and running under Additional troubleshooters. 

Step 3: Start troubleshooting by clicking on Run the troubleshooter. 

5) Try to print using backup mode 

If the printer is still giving you blank prints, then try to print using backup mode. This solution is effective when there are two cartridges. You can simply remove the problematic cartridge and start printing using the other cartridge.


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