Why are my Laser Printer Printing Blank Pages?

Please let me know why are my laser printer printing blank pages. I am facing some issues while printing. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Fix Laser Printer Printing Blank Pages:

When you run a command on your printer to print a document and it prints a blank page then you might blame your cartridge at the first point. One of the most annoying things that can happen to your printer at work or at home especially when you need to print a document urgently.

Reasons Why Your Laser Printer Prints Blank Pages:

  • Your cartridge refill ran out of ink
  • Faulty installation of cartridges
  • Congested nozzles
  • Incompatible printer driver or,
  • Software issues.

Suggested Fixes for Laser Printer Printing Blank Pages.

If your printer isn't printing your document properly then don't get irritated. You don't need to bear a heavy expanse to get rid of this common issue in this article we have brought you quite simple fixes in this article which you can try at your end immediately if your laser printer is printing blank pages.

Sol:1 Try Restarting your Printer.

A technical or operational glitch in your device can be resolved immediately by a simple restart. Adhere to the below instructions to restart your printer device.

Step 1: Tap and hold the "Power button" till it gets powered off

Step 2: "De-plug" all the connected cords and then after a few minutes Re-plug all the cords

Step 3: "Power on" your printer now and check if the issue is resolved.

Sol:2 Look for the Cartridge Issue at your End, If Any.

Sometimes it's your printer cartridge creating trouble in printing documents. For cartridge-related solutions, you must be sure that:

Step 1: The level of ink must be sufficient in the cartridges. If any of the installed cartridges is empty then you must replace it with the new one

Step 2: Your installed cartridges are not damaged or faulty from anywhere. It must be properly installed

Step 3: The cartridge of your printer device must be installed properly

Step 4: Your cartridges must be cleaned properly with a soft cloth. The tape over the cover of the cartridge must be removed.

Sol:3 Try Performing an Automatic Self-cleaning Procedure.

This solution will unclog your printer. This self-cleaning process varies depending on the printer model you are using. Generally, these steps are followed to perform self-cleaning of a printer device.

Step 1: Navigate to the "Control Panel" and Tap and hold the "Go" button for 3-5 seconds until all the lights of your printer start blinking

Step 2: Once you see all the lights on your printer are blinking, Release the "Go" button.

Step 3: After the completion of the process, check if you still face this issue.

Sol:4 Go for Manual Cleaning of your Print Head.

If your automatic self-cleaning approach fails to unclog or resolve your issue then try this manual cleaning of your print head to unclog your device. Adhere to the below steps for manual cleaning of your print head.

Step 1: Open the "Carrier" of the ink cartridge and remove the "Ink cartridges" from it carefully

Step 2: Wipe out all the "dried ink"(If you find any) on your print head

Step 3: Bring some " LukeWarm water" put your print head in it and wait for 10- 12 minutes

Note: It is advisable not to put the print head under hot or boiled water.

Step 4: Pick out the Print Head from the water and wipe out the moisture on it with a dry soft cloth or you can air-Dry it

Step 5: Do a nozzle check and be sure that the print head must be clean

Step 6: Fit the printer head in its place and now restart your printer. Check if the issue is resolved.

Summing up:

If you are among the users who are worried about the malfunctioning of your printer device and wondering Why are my Laser Printer Printing Blank Pages? So this article has landed you in the right place.

In this article, we have discussed the easiest ways by which you can get rid of this issue. Even after applying all or any of the above solutions you are still facing the same issue then you can try updating your printer driver and if it is a technical issue in your software then you must think of consulting a technician.

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