How to Troubleshoot Printer Offline Status on Windows 7?

Printer offline status on Windows 7 occurs when your computer fails to connect with the printer unit. There can be numerous reasons responsible for this problem such as outdated drivers, poor configurations, connection errors etc. Until the status of your printer changes from offline to online, you will not be able to take a printout. To troubleshoot printer offline status on Windows 7, try out the following things.

1) Check All the Connections

Verify that the USB wire that you have used for connecting your computer and printing device isn’t damaged or loose. In case you still see offline status on your screen, then replace the wire. Additionally, disconnect the USB cable from both the ends and restart your printer and PC.

Plus, you need to make sure that the power wire of your printer is connected to a working electrical outlet. There is a possibility that you are experiencing this printer offline problem due to network issues. To fix this problem, reboot your router.

2) Download the Latest Drivers

Maybe the printer drivers that you installed on your system are incompatible with Windows 7, which is why the printer offline message is displayed on the screen. To overcome this problem, go to the official website of the manufacturer and download the latest drivers from there.

3) Select Your Printer as Default Printer

  • Launch the Start menu and enter printers in the search area and click on the search icon. Now, select devices and printers.
  • Locate your printer device from Printers and Faxes dialog box. After that, right click on your printer icon and set it as a default printer by checking the option of set as default printer.
  • Now, check the status of your printer. In case, it still shows offline, then use the next solution to fix your problem.

4) Disable the Offline Feature of Your Printer

  • Locate your printer device just like you did in the previous method.
  • Now, to troubleshoot printer offline status on Windows 7, go to properties by right clicking on the printer icon.
  • After that, select configure port under the ports tab. Now, disable the SNMP settings by unchecking the box on its left and then click on OK for making the changes applicable.

5) Restart Print Spooler Service

Your printer makes use of spooler service for printing purposes. You can easily fix the printer offline problem by restarting the print spooler service. Here is how you can do so.

  • Open Run by pressing Windows and R key simultaneously. Now, enter services.msc in the search area and then click on OK.
  • Service window will open up. There, search for the print spooler service. Right click on it after locating and then click on restart from the menu that opens up.

Check if the HP  printer status offline problem gets resolved after you restart the print spooler service. This is a temporary solution so if this problem comes up again, then you will have to repeat the entire process.

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