How do I Allow for Printer Sharing on AVG Internet Security?

Please let me know that how do i allow for printer sharing on AVG internet security. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

Allow for Printer Sharing on AVG Internet Security:

You can control your outgoing and incoming internet connections by using AVG internet security. You can also manage access to printers on your network. This will make sure that no unauthorized party can access your printer. AVG internet security has a printer and file sharing panel that allows you to monitor sharing settings.

You can only change the printer sharing settings by going to the Windows network and Sharing Center. After that, the AVG internet security firewall will automatically adopt the new settings

Steps to Enable Printer Sharing on AVG Internet Security

Step 1: On the Windows Charms bar, go to the Control Panel of your printer. 

Step 2: Select the link of "View devices and printers" given below the heading of "Hardware and Sound". 

Step 3: Choose the printer that you wish to share and then select Properties from the menu appearing before you. 

Step 4: Go to the Sharing tab and then check the checkbox of Share this Printer and then click on OK. 

Step 5: Open the AVG internet security and then click on Firewall tile. 

Step 6: Select the link of "File and printer sharing" given at the left side of the window and then make sure that file and printer sharing is enabled on the File and Printer sharing page.



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How do I Allow for Printer Sharing on AVG Internet Security?

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