How to Troubleshoot Wireless Printer Not Printing?

Belonging to the 21st century in itself means living in such a world that is full of technologies and gadgets. But as time passes by technologies get advanced and with its advanced technology, it brings lots of complications too.

This is also true with a WiFi printer. Whenever you require it the most, either it hangs up or stops printing. If you have come across such an issue, here are some steps that you can try for wireless printer troubleshooting.

Ways To Resolve Troubleshoot Of Your Wireless Printer when Not Printing:

Make note that if your router is having issues then by default, your printer will stop working. No matter whether you connect your PC to a wireless network or not it will not give you any kind of response.

The only way to discover the problem is that, make sure that you try to restart your router for everything to work fine again.

To Implement It You Need to Follow the Following Steps:-

Step 1 : The very first step to troubleshoot wireless printer from printing is to shut down the computer and turn off the printer as well.

Step 2 : Then, restart your router by unplugging it, wait for half a minute before plugging it back into the power socket.

Step 3 : After plugging it back try to turn on both the devices and wait for everything to reconnect and then retry printing.

Step 4 : When wireless printer start troubleshoot you from printing, ensure that whether the printer is connected to the Wi-Fi network or not.

To know whether your printer is connected or not, you can change your router like mode, SSID, password, and can find out about its connection easily.

Another way to find out the connection of your printer to the wireless network is to take a print out of the “network configuration page”. If in printout it shows an IP address then your printer is not connected properly.

If you have installed any kind of software like antivirus or malware or an extra firewall, try to disable such programs in order to check whether that fixes the issues of connectivity.

This Method will Help You to Add Your Wireless Printer Back to the Network and the Problem of Troubleshooting in Your Wireless Printer will Resolve from not Printing-

  1. If you have installed any kind of virtualization program, it is best to remove it and then try to print again.
  2. If you have changed you router SSID password or have enabled any sort of filtering like AP isolation or MAC address filtering then you have to change the printer settings to match the wireless router and then reconnect.
  3. If wireless printer troubleshoots you then try to change then the easiest step is to change the IP address of your system.

If the Issue Still Avails, Try to Download the Newest Install Packages for the Printer from its Manufacturing Site-

  1. You can do this when the CD does not have the latest printer drivers, then it is better to download from the manufacturing site.
  2. If you have set your printer to multiple computers then try to see whether you can take a printout from another machine or not.
  3. In this way, you can easily get to know whether the problem is with your printer or your computer.
  4. To make your wireless router connect, make sure that you follow the above process again.

These are some ways that can help you to resolve the troubleshooting of wireless printers. By applying these ways you can make your wireless printer start printing again and will be able to troubleshoot wireless printer when not printing.


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