Where do I Find the WPS Pin on My Canon Printer?

Hi, I am facing problem with WPS when connecting Canon printer. I don't know that where i will find WPS pin for Canon printer so that i can connect that printer. Please givve me any idea about where i can find Canon WPS pin on printer.

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Answer - 1

Finding the WPS Pin on Canon Printer :

In modern technology, the rising of printer gains more importance. No matter how big the business is, printer acts as a most significant role. Have you ever used a Canon printer for your personal use? Are you looking for the best way to find WPS pin on Canon Printer? If so, the following article helps in a smart way.

Canon Printers are available to enhance business productivity. You can use this type of printers for scanning, copying, printing out high-quality photos and much more.

Setting Up Connection Using WPS PIN Code Mode IN Canon Printer:

The connection method to WPS Pin on Canon Printer is a simple and fast strategy of connecting the canon printers to the wireless technology or gateway. The starting procedure is that you need to press the button on the canon printer first, and then within a few seconds, the router will start to work or connect to each other.

There are Generally Two ways are Available for Accessing the WPS Configuration,

  • Connection through the Setup
  • Pushing WPS button

Step - 1: Firstly, you should access the wireless configuration router from a connected computer. Then enter the Canon Printer WPS Pin number in the screen. You can use the manuals for more information for your connection setup process of Canon printer.

Step - 2: Enter the Menu button on the home page.

Step - 3: The menu category shows some of the lists, hit the Network Settings button. Then the login page will appear on your screen page. Enter the correct ID name and PIN number using the keyboard.

Step - 4: After logged in, hit the button called Wireless LAN configuration Settings. In addition, the screen will show off the message like Do you want to allow the wireless LAN configuration process? Then, you need to tap “Yes” option.

Step - 5: Read the display content or message. Then enter the “OK” button and agree on the terms and conditions.

Step - 6: Then the “Wireless LAN Configuration” enables and has some category under it. You need to strike the “WPS Code” option.

Step - 7: Then click the “Yes” option. Then enter the PIN ID and PIN Code again correctly on the computer. Then the computer checks the entered process. If the entered ID and Code is correct then the router starts to work.

Step - 8: Then the computer generates the registered PIN code. You need to register the generated code to the wireless configuration router. Moreover, the pin code should enter within 10 minutes after hitting the “yes” option which is shown in the above step 7. If the setup screen will display an error message then you should hit the “close” button and go back to step 6.

Step - 9: Finally, check that the WI-FI signal is flashing on the computer panel. It indicates that the configuration is detected.

Step - 10: After completion of Canon printer setup configuration, wait for a while and the screen below the WI-FI signal is displayed.

Top Notch Features:

  • High Signal Strength
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Accuracy and Fast
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Answer - 2

Find WPS Button on Canon Printer:

Have you ever noticed the WPS button on your Canon Printer? Well, if you have seen then you must know that this WPS button on the Canon printer is an easy and quick way to connect your printer to a wireless network?

Yes, you heard that right. But how to actually use it? How to find WPS button on canon printer and where is it located?

This detailed answer covers the explanation regarding the position of WPS button on the printer and how to setup a connection through it. Let us step ahead.

What is the Meaning of WPS Button on Canon Printer?

Whether you find WPS button on canon printer or not, the important thing is to know the importance and application of this button. Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) button present on Canon printer is an effective means that allows the Canon wifi printer to connect with the device via a secure wireless network.

Apart from this, another good thing about this method is that you don't require any SSID or enter any password for establishing a network using this WPS method.

For all this, you will need a WLAN or a router which supports WPS connectivity option. By opting this feature, you can easily establish a connection between the Canon wifi printer and a wireless network.

However, before starting with this method, make sure that your wireless router supports WPS setup. Also, check more details about your router and the access point you'are using to setup WPS connection.

Setup WiFi Connection Using WPS Button

The primary check for setting up a WPS connection is you need a wireless router and access point that supports WPS. If compatible then you can easily establish a connection using the WPS option.

Below listed are the essential steps that you have to follow to set up a connection on your Canon printer with the help of WPS button.

Step 1: Firstly press the setup button on the printer.

Step 2: Now, using the arrows, navigate to the ‘device settings ‘option and then select the OK button.

Step 3: Jump to the ‘LAN settings’ and then press on the OK button.

Step 4: Next using the arrows, navigate to the ‘wireless LAN setup’ section. Then press the OK button.

Step 5: Once your Canon printer detects the WPS access point, the connection starts by itself.

Step 6: Continuously press and hold the WPS button for about 5 seconds and then press the OK button.

Step 7: Press and hold the WPS button present on the AP device for at least a few seconds and then immediately press the OK button.

Step 8: As you see ‘connected’ status on the screen, immediately select OK.

Step 9: In the last step, select the copy button in order to return to standby mode for printer.

So, here you successfully find WPS button on canon printer and the connection is complete wireless Setup.

You have already learned how to find WPS button on canon printer. So, you can kick start the Canon printer wireless setup which can be easily completed by following the above steps that are mentioned. With the help of this WPS feature, you can connect the printer to the computer through a wireless network.

Remember, a wireless network lets you print from anywhere, through any device but it should be connected to the Canon printer. All you are required to do is to select the desired file that you want to print, give the correct print command and you are all done.

Using the WPS option, you can conveniently establish a connection with the printer and the device through a wireless network without any extra manual efforts.

However, still if you are facing issues and unable to connect the printer using the WPS method then immediately seek help from the experts team. With the help of this guide, you can easily find WPS button on canon printer and then establish a network using the WPS method.

Furthermore, you can also understand what is the purpose of WPS button on a Canon printer. Moreover, you can also refer to some other guides when you are unable to connect to the wireless network using the quick setup steps mentioned in this blog.

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