Where is the WPS Pin on My Dell Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that where is the wps pin on my Dell printer. When i am trying to print with dell printer then they ask for WPS pin. Help me.

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Answer - 1

WPS Pin on My Dell Printer:

You may have many questions like when trying to open dell document hub; the hub says no printer installed but you have the printer working and printing when connected via USB. Even now and then the hub is not working and getting the message unable to use the dell document hub pops up.

Sometimes the question arises that where is the WPS pin on my dell printer, all your questions will be answered here, just a few steps to solve your problem.

Here You can Wonder about Where is WPS Pin on My Dell Printer, You can These Steps to Find WPS Pin:

  • Tap on the setup in the printer operator panel, then choose the network set up, after that go for the WPS push method or pin method.
  • After selecting the pin method, an 8-10 digit number will appear under the pin method.
  • Type the WPS pin number on the security page of the router.
  • Select on the Wi-Fi symbol for the printer setup of the wireless network.

Windows 10 and Window 8(8.1):

  1. Make sure that the USB cable is connected to the printer as well as the computer.
  2. Look for the search box and type wireless setup utility in that box (for window 10).
  3. Go to the upper right corner of the screen to find the charms bar and search for a wireless setup (for window 8).
  4. Tap on wireless setup utility and follow the given cues.
  5. Through this method, printer searches for the wireless network in the vicinity and shows them.

When wireless network title in the list shows up:

  • Look for your network and then tap it to continue.
  • Enter the network password.
  • Tap ok or continue if dell software allow appears.
  • Remove the USB cable from the computer and the printer when directed.
  • Now the printer is established.

When Wireless Network Title in the List doesn’t Show up:

  • Click the unregistered network.
  • Type the network name and tap on continue.
  • Choose the type of network security in the wireless router, then tap continue, then type network password.
  • Permit Dell software window if it appears.
  • Remove the USB cables from the printer as well as a computer if instructed.
  • Now the printer is established on the network.

If the above doesn’t help you or wireless setup service is not available. Then try by connecting using WPS, if both your router as well as your printer is compatible with WPS (there is a logo on the router which is WPS compatible).

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