How do I Connect a HP Wireless Printer to My iPad?

Hello, Please let me know that how do i connect a HP wireless printer to my ipad. I am trying to connect my HP printer to iPad but it's not connecting. Have some issue in connecting. Help me.

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How do I Setup My HP Printer to My iPad:

Nowadays most printers come with wireless facilities. First, you should know about your HP wireless Printer whether it is a touchscreen or not. And for the new user, it could be confusing how to connect a HP wireless printer to my iPad. Apple devices come with built-in software for printing like apple air print. There are easy and simple steps to connect iPad to HP printer.

Following These Steps could Answer to Those Who Think About How to Connect HP Printer to iPad.

Step 1: How to Connect to a Wi-Fi Network

1. Go to your setting and search Wi-Fi settings and confirm that your Wi-Fi is on. If it does not then turn it on and search for your domestic Wi-Fi network and connect to the network. After giving login data you will be connected to the network.

2. Verify Printer Connectivity to the Network

There are two types of printer with a touchscreen or without a touchscreen.

With the Touchscreen: Look for the wireless icon sign and tap it to verify connectivity to the network or go to network settings to verify network connectivity.

Without Touchscreen: Push the wireless and information buttons together or push the wireless and start copy buttons together. A wireless verification report with the status of network connectivity prints.

3. According to Network Connection Follow These Steps

If the network connection of a printer is verified, then go directly to the printout process. If the network connection of a printer is not verified, then follow the next process.

4. Link the Printer to Your Local Network

Touchscreen Printer: Search for setup, network, or wireless network on your printer then tap on wireless setup wizard, and continue with the direction to network connectivity to your printer.

Without Touchscreen Printer: Look for the wireless and cancel button and push it and keep it that way until power light blinks, and remain to push it till wireless light blinks

Tango Printers: Push and hold the Wireless Button on the back of the printer for a few seconds until the lighting flashes blue.

Push the WPS button and maintain it that way within 2 hours till the network connectivity starts. Blinking of wireless light stops when the network connection of the printer finishes.

(Users thinking how to connect a HP wireless printer to my iPad are now connected to a wireless network. Now we will go to the next step for printing.)

Step 2: Start Printing from Apple iPad

Air Print Allows Printing Any Documents, Photos, or Webpages
  1. Check for the power in the printer if not inspect the wire are connected properly in the power socket as well as in the printer.
  2. See if ink cartridges are loaded and plain paper is in the tray for printing.
  3. Now choose the documents or photos that require printing and touch the share symbol.
  4. Push the print symbol to select the printer choices.
  5. Look for the printer of your choosing and then push select printer.
  6. Customize your printer according to your requirements. Because settings are different for every printer or the job you are performing. It may differ from the site you want to print so tune your printer according to your needs.

Size of Paper: AirPrint discovers paper size all by itself which is kept in the paper tray of the printer. Make sure to opt for the right size of paper in the printer. An error occurs when the size of the paper in the paper tray of printer and paper size discovered by AirPrint.

Copies Number: choose the number of copies required and select them during printing.

Black and White or Color: By default option is for color printing but you can change it to print in black and white whether it is for documents or photos.

Both Side Printing: Select for printing on both sides of the paper for a specific document.

Page Range: you can select how many numbers of pages you want to print whether it is a document or web page.

Hoping that following these steps can give answers to those who wonder how do i setup my HP printer to my ipad. Follow these steps to get connected to the printer and print your documents, photos, or webpages.

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