How to Scan on Canon MX922 Printer?

Hello, Please let me know that how to scan on Canon MX922 printer. I am facing some issue while scanning. Help me.

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Scan On Canon MX922 Printer:

You will be needing the scan drivers to Scan On Canon MX922 Printer. Also make sure that your computer system is connected to your printer. Using a Canon MX922 Printer, you can scan multiple pages to a single document.

Below are the steps to Scan On Canon MX922 Printer:

Step 1 : Firstly, install the drivers for your Canon MX922 Printer.

Step 2 : Now, using a USB cable, connect your printer to your computer system.

Step 3 : Now turn your printer ON, using the power button.

Step 4 : Next, press the scan button on your printer and select your computer name. Click OK.

Step 5 : Using the arrow buttons, press the document type.

Step 6 : Now to alter the scan settings, press the right function button.

Step 7 : Fill up the photo or document on the platen glass.

Step 8 : Select the color/blak button of your color preference.

Step 9 : Once you are done performing the above steps, your printer will start scanning the original documents.

Using the Canon Pixma MX922 Printer, Scan to Computer

As we mentioned above, you will be required to install the printer drivers on your computer system to scan or print documents in the Canon Pixma MX922 Printer. There are several printer drivers available on the web according to different printer models. You will also need to make a connection between your printer and your computer using a USB cable or a wifi connection, in order to print or scan the documents on your Canon Pixma MX922 Printer.

Install the printer drivers using the installation CD ROM, by connecting it using a USB cable. Next, you just have to follow the on screen instructions. On the connection method selection option, click on the choose USB connection. Once a printer connection screen pops up and you have to insert one end of the USB cable into your printer and the other end to your computer system.

Next, turn your printer ON and click Next and follow the further on-screen instructions. Fill up the papers in the tray and test a print page. Now tap on exit to finish the installation process.

On the control panel of your printer, tap on the menu button, and connect it using a wireless network. Now by using the arrow keys, go to the WLAN setup and press OK. the printer then will search for the nearby networks and once the standard setup is featured by default on your screen, press OK.

Next, from the list of networks available, select your network name and then press OK. now type your WPA/WEP key and then again click on OK. Once you click on OK, the printer will connect to your wifi network.

After the printer connects to your network, click on OK again. In case your printer doesn’t connect to your computer, you will be required to verify the network password and repeat the process again to connect the printer. If your printer is turned off, turn it ON again and it is ready to perform the printing and scanning.

To do so, press the scan button and select your computer name. Now by using the arrow keys, select your document type and then press the right function buttons to alter the scan settings. Next, fill up the photo or document on the platen glass or scanner glass to Scan On Canon MX922 Printer. Make sure to not load the photos in the automatic document feeder.

Lastly, for Your Color Preference

For color scanning, Choose the color option and For black and white scanning, choose the black option.

Your printer will start performing the given instructions and your scanned documents will be automatically saved by default in my documents folder. Finally, you can now remove the original documents from the platen or scanner glass.

The Canon Pixma MX922 printer lets the wired computer network interface permit you to hook up with a home or workplace network, with connected computers able to share printer functions and show the printer's status at any moment.

It also lets you Print effortlessly from your Gmail and Google Docs on a mobile device, and from Google Chrome browser for macintosh, Windows, Linux, and Chrome devices. With Google Cloud Print,(10) you'll be able to print from where you're, from applications you utilize daily. you'll be able to even share your home and work printers with anyone you decide on.

Photo print speeds square measure supported the quality mode driver setting using the picture check pattern(s) and chose Canon picture Paper. Print speed is measured as presently as the 1st page begins to feed into the printer and can vary depending on system configuration, interface, software, document quality, print mode, kinds of paper used and page coverage.

We hope the above article helped you to Scan On Canon MX922 Printer.

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