How to Scan on Canon Pixma MG2520?

Hello, Please let me know that how to scan on Canon pixma mg2520. I bought this new printer, But now facing some issue while using it. Help me.

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Answer - 1

Scan on Canon Pixma MG2520:

Have you bought the Canon Pixma mg2520 to scan the documents? You don't know the process to scan the documents? Don’t worry about it very simply. In this blog, I will explain to you the process to scan on Canon Pixma mg2520 briefly.

To scan the document through the canon Pixma you need to check that your computer is connected to the computer. Run the scanner and put the paper after that to cover the scanner lid and follow the below-given steps.

Methods To Scan On Canon Pixma mg2520-

The following are the methods to scan the documents on the Canon Pixma.

Method 1:- Below are the Steps for This Method

Step 1) make sure that your printer is connected to the computer. Search the power button and turn it on. Open the cover of the scanner and put the document that you need to scan. Turn off the scanner lid.

Step 2) Go to start and click on the windows icon. In the appeared screen type Windows fax. Choose windows fax and hit enter on Canon Pixma.

Step 3) The scan and fax application will appear. Click on a new scan and it will open a new window.

Step 4) Inspect and make sure that you have entered the correct modal number of the printer.

Step 5) From the drop-down box select the type of document.

Step 6) Decide that you want a text of the scanned document by Canon Pixma in black and white or in colored.

Step 7) Select a file type as PDF or JPG.

Step 8) Navigate to the preview option and then click on the scanned document. Your document will start scanning.

Hence your scan on canon Pixma mg2520 is successfully done.

Method 2:- Step by Step Guide for This Method is as Follows

Step 1) Check whether your canon Pixma printer is turned off or on. If it is turned off then firstly turn it on. Connect your computer with the printer. You can establish any type of connection either wired or wireless. The wireless connection will be made by the operation panel of the printer. You can also connect your printer by USB cable provided in the box of the printer.

Step 2) Click on the operation panel available on the printer.

Step 3) if you have chosen the USB cable option for the printer then follow the below steps.

  • Choose the name of your computer and tap on the ok button.
  • Select the USB option and then hit on the ok button.

Note: The auto-scan option can be used to scan the documents.

Step 4) If you have selected the network connection option to scan the document then firstly go through the below steps.

From the appeared screen prompt select the name of your PC. With the help of a left-right arrow select the type of document. With the help of the function button, modify the settings of the scan. The settings consist of size, data format, and resolution. Use the up-down arrow key to change the settings.

From the control panel of the printer, you can configure the following settings.

  • Scan size
  • Format
  • Scan resolution
  • Preview
  • Decreasing slow-through
  • Descreen
  • Unsharp mask

Step 5) Uncover the access door of the platen glass.

Step 6) put the document or photo in platen glass that you want to scan. Put the document in the downward direction from the side that is to be scanned.

Step 7) Once you load the platen glass cover the access door. Double-check the configuration by clicking on the function button.

Step 8) Select the text color for your document from the color button.

Hence your document is scanned and kept in the location you set at the time of establishing the connection of the printer with the computer.


Above in this blog, I have briefly explained the technique to scan on canon Pixma mg2520. The best fact about the provided method is that it can be used by novice users as it does not require any technical knowledge. I hope this turns out to be beneficial for you.

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