How to Set up Scan to Email on Konica Minolta Printers?

Is there anyone who knows how to set up scan to email on Konica minolta printers. I am facing some issues while doing this. Help me.

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Set Up Scan to E-mail on Konica Minolta Printers:

When everything is set up, you may sign in to the printer and set up scan to email on Konica Minolta printers option.

Follow the instructions below to set up scan to email so that anyone can scan or send e-mails to the business's Microsoft 365 and Office 365 mailboxes.

  • Sign in to the Microsoft 365 admin page in a new browser tab (
  • Select from the navigation menu View all.
  • After choosing Settings, choose Domains.
  • Choose your domain from the DNS records tab. E.g.:-
  • Note the POINTS TO ADDRESS value for the MX record. In step 9, you must have the MX record., for example
  • Enter the web page for the printer and log in as the administrator.
  • From the main menu, choose Network.
  • Select E-mail TX under E-mail Settings (SMTP).
  • The page for e-mail TX (SMTP) 

Select "SMTP Server Address" Please double-check the hostname field and type the value you noted in step 5.

  •, for eg
  • Port Number should remain set at 25.
  • Choose Start TLS under Use SSL/TLS.
  • Set the value of Port No. (SSL) to 465 or 587.
  • Choose OFF in POP before SMTP.
  • Uncheck SMTP Authentication if it is selected.
  • Choose OK.
  • The message Completed displays a short while later.
  • Choose OK.

Remember that you must choose Logout before choosing OK to leave the printer's web pages if you want to utilise the touchscreen control panel to log in or print without experiencing problems, including receiving error messages.

E-mail Sender and the Me Button

There is a Me button here on the Konica Minolta E-mail function. To scan it for yourself, choose it. Your e-mail address is instantly prefilled in the To and From fields because you're signed in with Printix.

If the e-mail sender (From field) does not contain a certain value, certain SMTP servers may refuse to send the scanned documents. You may define the E-mail sender as a workaround with the Go setup.

The Me button, though, would not function as expected because the To field will also be set to this email address. In this scenario, you can choose the receiver from the printer's Address Book or type their email address into the printer's control panel.

The following is also another potential workaround to make the Me button functional:

  • Enter the web page for the printer, then log in as the administrator.
  • The main menu, and then choose Security.
  • Choosing Restrict User Access.
  • Choose Allow under Registering and updating addresses.
  • To prevent the "From" address from changing and use the administrator's address, choose Admin. E-mail Address under "Shifting the "from" address".
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