What is Default Password for Kyocera Printer?

Please let me know what is default password for Kyocera printer. I bought this printer but don't know about it's default password. Help me.

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Default Password for Kyocera Printer

The Kyocera Corporation was founded by Kazuo Inamori in 1959 by the name Kyoto Ceramic and later in the year 1982 they changed the name of the company to Kyocera Corporation. It is a Japanese multinational manufacturer based in Kyoto japan. They produce ceramic and electronic products. 

They also produce a wide range of reliable and user-friendly printers. A lot of time while setting up the printer we face issues regarding the default username and password. Some people do not know what to put in the default username and password section. Usually, the default password and username are the same for the majority of Kyocera printers. But, the default credentials may vary for different Kyocera printer models. 

You can refer to their customer support system and visit their official website for assistance. 

Kyocera Router Login and Its Setup Process

Step 1: To log in to your router, you are first required to launch your internet browser and then enter the IP address in the location bar of your browser. Now, press the Enter key.

Step 2: The default IP address of your printer device is 

Step 3: After that, you are going to see two text bars to enter the username and password. 

Step 4: The default username and password of your Kyocera printer is ADMIN and PASSWORD

Step 5: Go to your login page and enter your credentials. Select login and then go to the Control Panel of your printer.


Step 6: You can easily make changes in your profile by going to the Control panel of Kyocera. 

So, this is everything you need to know about the default username and password of your Kyocera printer.

How to find Kyocera printer's default username and password? 

 There are different usernames and passwords based on the different Kyocera printer models. 

  • The majority of Kyocera devices have machine administrator mode which asks for a username and password. Both username and password are identical by default. 

  • Many Kyocera devices come with a machine administrator and an administrator account. The default username and password are "admin" and "admin" for administrator accounts. 

  • The command center of Kyocera


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